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We are the 99 percent


i am a single mother, an ex meth addict who has been homeless on several occasions... i am currently working for a hospice and making more money than i ever have b4 and managed to get out of low income housing and off of food stamps however, i am afraid it is too difficult and i'm not sure i will b able to stay off of assistance...i have an 8yr old daughter who has noone but me and i have walked around with extreme high blood pressure for the duration of my daughters whole life. and no insurance..every day, i worked on a wing and a prayer that i would not have a heart attack or stroke and leave my daughter parentless...i am under a doctor's care for a month now but not sure if i will always have it..the only reason i have insurance now is because my father passed and left me a lil money...that money will take me into next yr and then it will b gone as it it more than i make to handle my living expenses.....my living arrangements r nothing fancy...a clean lil house with no central heat and air...1 bedroom for the two of us becauase the price of a 2bdrm is too far out of reach...fortunately i have a daughter because if i had a son, one of us would have to sleep on the couch. i aspire to go back to school next yr but i have lots of work to do first and i don't believe i will make any more money when i am done with school but i feel that going back to school again (i have 60+ credits from the 90's) will help me replenish some personal growth and self esteem lost throughout my life's constant battering of my spirit..i am so tired of struggling that i feel it physically and it has taken all my strength to hold on to a little bit of spirit and it shows when my daughter wants me to play or engage in something silly...i tell her "mommy don't feel like playing or i'm too tired baby" and i feel guilty....but i cannot gather up the strength anymore....thank u wall st., banks, corporations, and federal government..thank u for giving me a screw job with every hour i work, and every time i am checking out at the store, everytime i purchase gas,every day,every minute every hour...every chance u get..this is ur fault and thanks on behalf of my beautiful, supersmart daughter.....SHAME ON U!

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