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We are the 99 percent


'There in spirit' but bodily in Australia.

In response to the people who say that there are cops that sympathise with this:

*WHAK* Us cops are in the 99% too! *WHAK* I'm really on your side, protesters! *DRAG* No really, I support this! *throws you in the cell* It's great what you guys are doing in this protest! *SLAMS CELL DOOR* Now stay there while I express my support to the other protesters. *LEAVES TO BASH MORE PROTESTERS*

Supports the transitional demands:

Transitional Demands:
"Decriminalise Drugs! A Crime without a victim is no crime!"
"Free education for all! For a decent living stipend for all students!"
"Open the REAL corporate books! End corporate personhood!"
"Abolish the racist death penalty! Free all political prisoners!"
"Free, quality healthcare for all! Free Abortion on demand!"
"Troops, ships, drones out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan! Abolish the Patriot act!"
"For full and equal marriage rights for all consensual unions."
"For union control of hiring new workers!"
"For workers management of the workplace!"
"Community control of housing! Cheap, quality public housing, with cheap, easy to access pblic ransport! End the foreclosures now!"

"To make sure we all understand the terms of discourse, I’ll briefly restate the main features of a fully communist society on a global scale. Economic scarcity has been overcome, thereby leading to the elimination of wage labor (“from each according to his ability; to each according to his needs”). Alienated labor has been replaced by creative, scientific and cultural work (Marx once pointed to composing music as an example of the latter). The state has withered away so that, in Engels’ words, the governing of men has been replaced by the administration of things. Racial, national and ethnic affiliation has disappeared through widespread interethnic procreation and global mobility (“the international soviet shall be the human race”). The family has been replaced by collective institutions for housework and the nurturing and socialization of children."

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