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We are the 99 percent


I'm not an American citizen.

But I admire and respect the U.S.A.

Do you realise that if you say [insert any nationality here] there is a cartoon of the type of person that country consists of? "English", "French", "Japanese", "Australian" (my country), "Russian", "Argentinian", "Tanzanian", etc etc.

But not "American". There's no such thing as "typical American". You guys are "of the world".

Do you realise that there has only ever been one "empire" that has no interest in territorial expansion? The U.S. has tried from time to time with small "adventures" but loses interest.

There's only one country constantly guilty of hypocrisy and moral failure. The U.S.A. Why? Because no other nation aspires to decency and human rights. Easy for other countries to not fail because we don't try.

You guys do not respect yourselves enough. You have too much pride in your flag and not enough pride in your people and your traditions.

My guess is that maybe 20% of Americans are "citizens" and the rest are "subjects". Citizens own their government. Subjects are owned BY their governments. "You did WHAT in my name?!" versus "My country right or wrong".

Speaking as an Aussie, a subject, a vassal, a foot warmer for those who run the country in which I live, a nation where rights are created and disposed of by our masters at their whim, a country where there is detention without charge or trial that seems to bother no-one because They Decided For Us... I look to you guys and say...

"We the people"... ? Bloody awesome mate. You loosened your grip for a bit. But you're Americans. You'll take back what is yours. Keep up the good work.

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