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We are the 99 percent


Keep the fight going for those of us that are kept too busy working to pay our bills. The WAr AGAINST POVERTY and ECOnOmIC EQUALITY is as important as the '60's Protest against the Vietnan WAr!
We need EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE for ALL so that we can have a more educated and healthy workforce. Education and Healthcare should be a Right NOT a Privilege. The 1% can choose which doctor to go to an which ivy league school their kids or themselves want to attend. The 99% does not have that privilege. Rich people should not be blamed for been lucky BUT neither should poor people be blamed for being born poor. The opportunities that rich vs poor have in this capitalism system (I still call it feudal system), ARE shamelessly too broad. If we, poor people dont hve to worry about paying for education and healthcare costs, we wont have to hold 2 to 3 jobs just to survive in the richest country of the world.
Thank you WSP for representing those of us that are not able to be there physically. Keep the fight going. It is a shame that in this country people can not enjoy family time because we are too busy working...Yet all politicians say they are family oriented...really? Lol.

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