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We are the 99 percent


Yes you can email me. I am still not clear about one common theam that underline or underscore the movement. The tea part definning statement is conservatism to the constitution, no more new task and shrink the budject and the govt and spending. As much as I don't agree with them, they are effective with a clear message and platform. With what is going on in the country now and which the tea part, has a hand it because of their electives no compromise political stand in washington, which result is the state the couuntry and the economy is today and the situation with the jobless and the inability of the goverment to focus on what the massess, the 99 percent need who also are the driver of the economy and their continue struggling with joblessness and other lack of social needs and which the tea party political wing are standing in the way by their none compromising stand, YESS the time is right for the occuping wall street movement. And it needs to bring all the moderate together every where and in washington to let them know that the country which majority is 99 percent are suffering and paying the price for the political stand of the far right and the far let. The movement need to define itself on these ground and bring the contry together to the meddile to work on the issue and make the Great USA continue to be great

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