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Forum Post: Zucotti Park - poem on the nose

Posted 5 years ago on May 21, 2012, 3:57 a.m. EST by gisela (0)
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Zucotti Park

the sun is shining temperatures are low winter in new york city

clerks, traders, tourists, tramps the sculpture double check on the lunch break on the dole on the edge of this stone desert shiny granite blocks to sit on shiny blocks to put sandwiches chinese fast food, backpacks, bags, purses, mobiles on

no flowers yet just shiny stones filled with brushwood greenish scrubs no plastic cups, no wraps, no left-overs, no rubbish anywhere

one block from the world phallus center the old one the hole one the holes called memorial pools the new one called one world phallus center

the one to build up with safety in safety to ensure safety banking security with dead certainty it will reach out for the sky again

shadowing zucotti park again like on 9/11 when debris and ashes covered the shanks of this granite island between broadway, trinity place, cedar street and liberty street

born in 1968 under the name liberty plaza park of united states steel

reborn in 2006 of brookfield office properties renamed zucotti park

the properties dropped the liberty to name drop to call the park after their chairman john e. zuccotti

the one percent named and renamed their private park for public use their stone desert

radiating below stones between stones only when it´s sunlit otherwise it´s dreary except for two months long after the name-dropping

in September 2011 people fell upon the park brought banners, bedrolls tarps, tents kitchens music peaceful barricades a library

to stay for a spring in fall

arab spring technique no violence safety for all participants promised earlier by an anonymous call

there it was liberty again light

bands played people discussed embraced orated laptops sat on granite blocks protest buttons were spread out food for thought food was served around beside bronze man double check

people people people came unrolled their banners stretched their bedding covered the adamant stones haydayed hay dated hydrated

fall became spring a sit-in a sleep-in a wake-up call to remind the one percent of them their fears, pains, wishes, longings and love their existence

99 percent as one addressed one protesting for justice, jobs, equality against greed, corruption, poverty environmental devastation

the #ows called for a better society a global change an ethic of commons a world that dignifies it´s occupiers

99 percent as one addressed one for a change of thinking for a change of things for worldwide humanity

they called for more action asambleas on streets, in corners, in backyards, in homes everyplace

to go against conspiracies between politicians, police and properties businessmen and businessmen to break their shady dealings peacefully to build upon the demolition debris a new society

utopia maybe the no place the impossible according to judith butler

impossible demands they demanded them within a spring in fall on the edge of this stone desert once again called liberty plaza park

within a timeframe a frame with a prospect single frames with unspoiled sights together they were true

in october the properties called their buddy the mayor of new york together they uttered their concerns about the cleanness of the park “it has not been cleaned since friday, september 16th, and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels”

oh, ah, öh

the ows yawned they sat-in they slept-in gave their wake-up calls as usual that spring

a girl tied a fresh bandana around double check´s eyes the sculpture cast by a one percenter´s grandson an uncle of a one percenter´s filmmaker

john s. johnson II ceded his artwork to merrill lynch in the eighties to posh up liberty plaza park

no need for double check that spring in fall the bandana girl knows no need for control heteronomy external schedules

her formula is: we her heyday is: now her beauty her blooming

the beauty the blooming of the actual liberty park

on november 15th this beauty was spoiled this blooming was blight the nypd wiped the ows out cleared cleaned the park

for the tramps, clerks, tourists, traders the bronze double check of today

done with liberty back to john e. again

doesn´t it look arcadian so spick and span unshaded shiny granite blocks under sunny skies despite winter welcoming benign individuals to stay temporarily preferably by daylight

the properties pay poor people to clean their pseudo public park every weeknight according to their plans

zuccotti park to shine to fake springtime to wait for new shadows to be built for the debris and ashes that will follow

if not a secret overlies this park a memory that may be future a dream of indulgence softness the softness of banners and bedrolls of bandanas the softness of liberty of summer.

by Gisela Schmalz, Berlin https://reintexten.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/zuccotti-park/

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