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Forum Post: Young Tea Party ‘Rebels’ Burn Fake ‘Obamacare Cards’

Posted 4 years ago on Aug. 25, 2013, 8:46 a.m. EST by GirlFriday (17435)
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It’s not much of a dilemma. On the one hand, uninsured young people can get affordable, subsidized coverage on the Obamacare exchanges, with guidance from a “navigator” if they need it. On the other hand, they can get all FreedomWorksy defiant, incinerate a symbol, pay a fine for flouting federal law and live with the fear of massive medical debt incurred after an accident or illness.

Oddly, FreedomWorks defines everyone under the age of 40 as “young people.” In the days when young people burned actual, not fake, draft cards, they didn’t trust anyone over 30, which would include FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe, 50, and former FreedomWorks chairman, Dick Armey, 72, who described the group as “dishonest” as he took $8 million last year to quit.

That’s right, insurance on the exchanges is subsidized, and therefore affordable to low-wage young people. That’s part of what the Obamacare navigators will explain over the next several months as they help the uninsured sign up for plans on the exchanges. The national exchange won’t be available until October. But California’s exchange prices are posted. There, a full-time worker earning the California minimum wage of $8 an hour would pay nothing for the cheapest plan.

Absolutely nothing. FreedomWorks is telling that worker to refuse free health insurance and pay a $95 fine because of, you know, “income redistribution.”

The next best health insurance plan on the California Exchange would cost all of $5 a month for a worker who earns less than $17,235 a year. That’s $35 a year less than the fine. A significantly better plan would cost that worker $63 a month — $756 a year. That’s a lot of money for a minimum wage worker. But the exchanges give workers the freedom to choose plans that fit their needs and budgets.




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[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33496) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

? ! ? "Carbon Footprint" !!! - we all got ta do our part.

OH Gosh


Unless you were thinking of an acid dip - in which case let me just apologize right now for that carbon footprint crack.

[-] 3 points by factsrfun (8485) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

Here's a link to the California cost calculator, people can see for themselves:


This TEA Party bunch are idiots, but it's not a good bill we need single payer, in the eighties I had a $50/day hospital co-pay I worked in an industry that was heavily unionized, a utility company, the "Platinum" plan now is $250/day co-pay, anyway a single payer health system would be a good response to the loss of unions, but this is a money vacuum to suck what little bit the working class does get, not that it's not their fault because of course it is, we've no one to blame but ourselves.

[-] 3 points by DKAtoday (33496) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

The tactics never change - lie - tell the little people that this is bad for em gonna cost em money - while in FACT those with the least money will benefit the most ( ummm that does not sound right... will realize a greater benefit as they will come from having no coverage no ability to get coverage to having coverage ) - it's kinda like the psychology behind the naming of the RIGHT TO WORK Legislation which is nothing of the sort as to what it's name implies.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33496) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

Young Tea Party ‘Rebels’ Burn Fake ‘Obamacare Cards’

Ummmm just for clarity mind you - was that like a statement of young rich kids saying - WE DON'T NEED HEALTH COVERAGE - ? Because on the average depending on how wealthy - I might very well have to agree with them that "they" don't need coverage and should very well be expected to pay out of pocket. Oh OH OH OOOOO - Ummm were they like trying to say put our portion towards those less fortunate?

[-] 2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 4 years ago

Hospitals should be public

Insurance only for the employed is fake healthcare

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

“Conservative” champion Stephen Colbert counsels these mutineers to be careful not to scorch their hands because, you know, they don’t have health insurance. Alternatively, these young people could buy subsidized health insurance on the new exchanges with the help of “navigators” that Obamacare funded last week and then torch as much homemade rubbish as they choose, secure in the knowledge that if they’re injured in the process, they can afford to see a doctor.''

Taken from your link and thereby confirming that ''Young Tea Party Rebels'' have a fundamental problem with basic anatomy, with their clear confusion between ass and elbow - coupled with their propensity to talk total right wing crap out of their rectums ! Must be something to do with being 40 but still too dumb to think and breath at the same time !! Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving, propagandised twerps !!!

WhoTF funds these 'FreedomWorks' fuckwits anyway and did no one tell 'em that 'freedom Only works' when The 0.01% Oppressors, their Parasitic Banks and 'FIRE' Corporations - and their nefarious MSM manipulations, are exposed and The 99% pull together for their own, collective well being ?! Even more importantly, someone give these idiots some facts ffs :

fiat lux ...

[-] -1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 4 years ago

I have a friend who just got billed 57k for an appendectomy.

Forcing him to purchase shit insurance wouldnt change the fact that he is now financially ruined.

We will get universal care in this country about the same time we get decent education and food, because a very loud group keeps putting the same group of shitheads in there decade after decade.

Mandate was a shit plan when Republicans wanted it, it was a shit plan when Mitt Romney forced it on his people, and its a shit idea now.

On what foreign planet does forcing the population into a corrupted industry lead to anything good?

Lets force everyone into some monthly gas payments too. Lets force them into bank accounts as well.

Fuck it, force them into everything. Give them a shit subsidy, and then after a few years CUT IT ALL.

You dumb fucks think that pathetic subsidy is going to last?

Its there to keep you from fuckin rioting in the streets.

You got sold out. Again.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 4 years ago

You fucking dumb ass. If he would have had insurance before than he wouldn't have been 57K in debt.

You couldn't bother yourself to discuss or educate yourself to costs rising due to consolidation. Nope too boring. Couldn't bother yourself for anything but whining. Grow the fuck up.

Nobody is happy with Obama care you dumb right wing piece of shit.

[-] -3 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 4 years ago

Shit insurance would have left him way more debt than he can handle still. They have caps, you do know that right? Its not a fuckin free for all.

Go read the "significantly better plan" and let me know what you think.

And after its implemented, Im sure Congress will just magically stop accepting money from the insurance companies!!!

Who do you think wrote this nonsense?

I had no idea you were such a supporter of Romneycare....errrrrr.....Obamacare.


[-] -1 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

The tea party are generally seen as far right kooks, it's the more numerous "typical" healthy young person in their 20's or 30's that may not sign up that is the real problem for the ACA. It isn't much of a surprise. In general the young don't really think about or plan for tomorrow. Those that take the time to research costs may opt for coverage if their situation results in a personal cost that is lower then the tax penalty. Many will go with whatever costs the least, coverage or tax.

The ACA takes away the fear of having to pay for cancer, anyone can sign up for insurance after a diagnosis and buy the best coverage. The other major expense would be accident. Most young people believe an accident won't happen but in the event of one, any hospital has to treat you and the debt can be worried about later. Not a good solution but again it's what I see as typical of the younger people.

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

Blaming the debt burdened, propagandised and utterly sold out ''young'', reared in a climate of deceit, delusion and depression is only addressing symptoms not causes. Universal 'free at the point of use' healthcare for all, just like most other 'developed nations' - is the real answer. Further, I recommend :

ad iudicium ...

[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

As far as health care is concerned I couldn't agree with you more. Some of the ACA's provisions may lead to the collapse of insurance as a business and eventually lead to universal, single payer, coverage. There is that odd possibility that the ACA's failure could be the best thing to happen for the public, IF it leads to the government stepping in with universal care.

I wasn't attempting to cast blame, I was stating an opinion as to how people are likely to respond to the mandate in the ACA. For many it will come down to personal economics, nothing more, just what will it cost me now. Their current debt, or lack of it, may have nothing to do with it.

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

Very interesting first paragraph and I get your point but re. young folk these days, well they are not so different to their peers generations ago but then we could mostly look forward with optimism. Also, fyi :

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

I agree the young are not much different then the rest of us, it's simply that the initial post singled out the young. I'm no different, I've been uninsured for about 10 years and will remain so as long as any tax penalty is less the an insurance premium.

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

You and The 99% deserve so much more & here is insight into how we may all achieve social justice :

Consider : ''The future lies in building bridges within and between the millions of exploited, excluded and dispossessed who have lost everything and have finally recognized - that only via the class struggle can they recover their humanity and a dignified standard of living.''

multum in parvo ...

[-] 0 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

What we may deserve often has nothing to do with what we actually get. Ignoring undeserved random tragedies like accident or illness. We deserve only what we are willing to work for and willing to work constantly to maintain.

I often feel, considering the indifference that the population in general displays toward the political process, that the 99% deserve the government they have. With all it's corruption and inequity. There is no system that will work properly when we are inflicted with an ignorant and lazy population.

[-] 0 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

''There is no system that will work properly when we are inflicted with an ignorant and lazy population.'' - but alas, that is only the case now because The 99% have been kept that way as they have been so heavily mind-managed, propagandised and treated like mushrooms ... kept in The Dark and fed shit !!!

From the linked article above : ''Working class struggles from below range from workplace strikes over wages and social benefits, to general strikes to secure social legislation (or to defend past gains) or to prevent assaults on living standards. In critical moments, struggles from below lead to social upheavals in the face of systemic breakdowns, destructive wars and autocratic rule. The methods, participants and results of class struggle from below vary greatly, depending on the socio-economic and political context in which class conflict ensues.

''The working class struggle has been weakest among the Anglo-American countries where traditions of class struggle and general strikes are weakest. Their trade unions have shrinking memberships; the trade union leaders are closely linked to capitalist parties and there is a very weak or non-existent political identification with class solidarity, even in the face of massive transfers of state revenues to private wealth, and earnings from workers to capital.

''The financial classes of the West have been bailed out and profits have returned to the banks, but the stagnation of the ‘real economy’ continues.''


While all along the Manufacturing of Consent is ever more endemic within modern societies. Throughout history the need to "persuade and influence", has always been manipulated by those people in power as a means to their maintain authority and legitimacy.

However in more recent years, the overall manipulation of the mass public mind has become less about making speeches and more about becoming a pervasive presence within the inner lives of each & every individual. This Programming Must Be Broken !!! Also fyi :

veritas vos liberabit ...

[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

You've identified the problem we face accurately enough. Unfortunately the 99% appear no where near ready to unify at this point in time.

[-] 0 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

We can't expect a perfect unity but we can attain 'Critical Mass' and get the ball rolling and I think that that is what is happening with the help of OWS and many others, right across The US & the world.

The old joke goes (I think that Ernest Hemingway maybe started it) - that there is no such thing as an 'American Working Class' - only a nation full of temporary distressed millionaires, although any 'lol' is rather forced, given the truth of it.

There is little free about the 'free market', as someone somewhere always has to pay, such are the nature of "Externalities". These days, it is quite explicitly - The 99% who are simultaneously paying the cruel price all across The Earth.

The citizens of The USA are entering the fifth year of a profound economic slump that was brought on in large part, by the Government's abject failure to adequately supervise financial institutions - a matter of deliberate national policy that was justified over the years by the familiar 'Neo-Liberal Faith' that market forces would somehow cause the financial institutions to regulate themselves !

What has happened since 2008 seems to be something rather unique in American social history : The MSM 'mind-managed' population, converted to 'Free-Market Theory' as a response to hard times. Before the current recession (depression ?), people who had been cheated by The Banksters, would never then subsequently took that occasion to then demand that The Banksters be freed from the 'red tape' and scrutiny of The Law & indeed before 2008-12, the man on average income or the bread line or on food stamps did not ordinarily weep for the man lounging on his yacht !!

The 99% must say NO to : The Privatising of Profit, Gain and Opportunity and the Socialisation of Loss, Cost and Risk ; to The Duplicity of Double-Entry Book-Keeping ; to The Tyranny of Accountants and to The Despotism of The Banksters and of The Oligarchs !!!

per aspera ad astra ...