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Forum Post: You could see this story as a nasty "I told you so", but I am posting it as a cautionary tale of reality - in a Ron Paul America

Posted 8 years ago on March 1, 2012, 10:10 a.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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Dead at 49 because he couldn't afford insurance
Terrible fate of Ron Paul aide emerges hours after RP said state shouldn't provide free health care

Kent Snyder, age 49, died from complications caused by pneumonia because his premiums were too expensive & he could not afford healthcare.
The 49-year-old was Dr. Ron Paul's campaign manager during failed 2008 bid to secure Republican presidential nomination
Mr Paul told Tea Party debate people who did not have insurance should be left to fend for themselves - not a whisper of Mr. Snyder as a perfect example to prove his dedication to madness. RP also said churches should step in to care for those without cover.
The $400,000 bill for his care was sent to his mother, who was unable to pay, and so a website was set up by friends to secure donations. Mr Paul's election campaign did not provide his employees with medical insurance.

It came out after Mr Paul, a physician and opponent of federal healthcare, appeared to suggest people who fell ill should be left to fend for themselves, even if they don't have health care, during a Tea Party debate.
On Monday night, the candidates - who also included Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney - were asked whether the state should pay health care bills for an uninsured young man who suddenly found himself ill.
Dr Paul said: 'That's what freedom is all about - taking your own risks. He did not finish the answer as a the partisan crowd drowned him out with applause.

His employer ( you ) provides him health insurance.
He will not provide his employees health insurance.
Dr. Paul is a brilliant man with a very well trained brain - and no heart.



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[-] 3 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 8 years ago

Supporting RP= A call for corporate tyranny


[-] 2 points by craigdangit (326) 8 years ago

Any attempt at health care reform is worthless unless costs are controlled. The health lobby has driven the costs of providing care through the roof, now they are working on people's emotional sensibilities so they get money funneled up to them. It is despicable!

[-] 3 points by TheMisfit (48) 8 years ago

..And working. Now the government says that we have to give money to the health insurance companies while not addressing costs.

[-] 1 points by craigdangit (326) 8 years ago

That's how the game is played.

[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8239) from Phoenix, AZ 8 years ago

Put another way:

Why should the Crown use the Treasury to maintain the health of a peasant who can no longer work?

Does this not make the Kingdom weak, and thereby threaten us all?

When the King allows the weak to die, it is for the benefit of all.

[-] 0 points by XenuLives (1645) from Charlotte, NC 8 years ago

Slaves are worthless if they can't work!

[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8239) from Phoenix, AZ 8 years ago

worst than that...they want food too...they're worth less than zero

[-] 2 points by JPB950 (2254) 8 years ago

The incident shows Paul to be out of touch with reality. The most effective insurance system would be a single payer nationalized health care.

I'm not a Ron Paul supporter and I'm in favor of nationalized health care. However it wasn't insurance or lack of it that killed this man. A bill of $400,000 seems to indicate Mr. Snyder had care, just no one in his family is going to be able to pay for it. The bill will just get passed on to the rest of us in probably the most inefficient way possible.

[-] 2 points by GreedKills (1119) 8 years ago

Ron Paul is not even trying to win......he is in the pocket of Mr One percent, Mitt Romney. Ron thinks Mitt will be stupid enough to pick Rand Ayn Paul as VP. It's a shame that the young folks of this country have been scammed by Dr Snake Oil.

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23281) 8 years ago

Beware of libertarianism.

[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 8 years ago

ther's nothing wrong with libertarianism
that william hickman could not fix
if you don't believe me,
google "ayn rand william hickman"
try it you'll like it !

[-] 0 points by JuanFenito (847) 8 years ago


[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 8 years ago

What happened to that whole, "go to the emergency room", and they will take good care of you rhetoric?

It's just another "conservative" lie.