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Forum Post: You can take ibuprophen, even smoke crack…and the GOP is still there. They just wont go away.

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 3, 2012, 3:20 p.m. EST by gmxusa (274)
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… by Gordon Duff,

You can take ibuprophen, even smoke crack…and the GOP is still there. They just wont go away.

The endless blithering about a pack of cowards, morons and malcontents who want America to pay $12 bucks for gasoline and, as usual, go to war for Israel…taxing the poor to death, including the soldiers, while they line their pockets.

They call themselves “conservatives” as if their style of it were a good thing. First of all, none of them have a clue what it means. What they want is new laws.

We elected Obama to undo what 8 years of “conservative” had done. He has failed. We need less and less “conservative, Obama is too “conservative.”

What the last few decades has taught…hasn’t anyone paid attention to ?

Conservatives threaten while others do the fighting

Conservatives talk about work while golfing and eating lunch all day. Others do the work

Conservatives don’t pay taxes…they print counterfeit money and borrow from China

Conservatives are the same old Washington crowd, child pornography, rent boys, spying for Israel, lying with every breath, all done with a bible in their hands and a preacher at their side that none of us would let one of our children get near.

Conservative means foreign rule and staggering debt. It means 99% working for the 1%

Conservative also means lies. The “liberal press” is owned entirely by “conservatives.”

' They' want to put Ron Paul in a padded cell - when we really need to put ' Them' in there, instead. All in favor say Aye!

In a nation where our primary problem is crime, meaning that our entire financial system is operated by gangsters who belong in prison, working hand in hand with politicians that should be sharing cells with them.

Add in military leaders who belong in there with them and an “official press” that is half a step above terrorists, being preached to day and night is making my head hurt.

Do Gingrich and Santorum exist so that Bachmann and Palin will appear less like sub-normal and patently dangerous blithering idiots? And then why do presidential candidates have to ‘kiss the Zionist ring’ by making the obligatory pilgrimage to Israel.

They all debase American by agreeing to wear the beanie in a photo op to prove their subservience and acknowledgement that ALL must pledge allegiance to Israel or you cannot run for president, realistically. I can almost imagine Romney simply because he looks like a politician, pointless, gutless and like so many others, dedicated to nothing whatsoever other than continuing the charades:

Pretending Israel isn’t taking our foreign aid and buying congress to get even more money, we call it pump priming and everyone involved, congress, Israelis, all belong in prison

Pretending American weapon, cluster bombs, white phosphorous, are being used by Israel on their civilian population based on “religious differences”

When is congress going to stop hiring Israeli firms to advise them on Middle East policy and counter-terrorism?

Who is Dancing Now - And for Whom? I’m sorry, but when a New York City detective calls me and tells me that they arrested the 9/11 terrorists but had to put them on a plane to fly to Israel afterward.

They were forced to release them by a mayor and police commissioner who became wealthy beyond measure fighting the same terrorists they ordered released.

Of course this is all ‘classified information’ now, you know…to protect the American people. Yes, they are still using that con, and it is still working for them.

This all reminds me of the reports that came out this last week, that FBI Director Louis Freeh ordered agents to stop a weapons and money laundering sting one day before nailing the Newt Gingrichs on video. For years, FBI agents have been told to look the other way. One crew was paying those we were told were 9/11 terrorists. They were told to be silenced.

I can still picture the planeload of terrorists heading for Tel Aviv, film of the planted explosives, some released with tons of explosives and machine guns, all living the lives of heroes after having murdered 3000 Americans.

I learn more about being “conservative” every day and wonder why we just don’t string all of them up. I want trials and arrests, of course, not real trials. I want “tribunals,” with no witnesses, no lawyers, no appeals, just executions, midnight arrests after doors are kicked down, the way “conservatives” have their henchmen do it.

It seems even Obama, who may not do this, won’t restore America’s laws after they were twisted into an unrecognizable slop by “conservatives.” Don’t tell me you are conservative. It is simply another way of saying “thief and child molester.”




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[-] 0 points by GirlFridaysMomma (-6) 6 years ago

Let my daughter know where the free or cheap crack will be dispensed.

[-] 0 points by capella (199) 6 years ago

gurlie, ask any ows person.

[-] 0 points by GirlFridaysMomma (-6) 6 years ago

I love you.