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Forum Post: Y'all Anarchists and Communists are just like Obama

Posted 6 years ago on May 11, 2012, 5:17 a.m. EST by Spade2 (478)
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Y'all talk a lot of shit but lack the balls to back it up. I mainly mean there's a lot of talk of what is wrong with the situation at hand but I hardly see any effective plans of action. Y'all talk about rallies, protests, boycotts, and eduction but it's not working effectively. This movements going at the same rate as the US economic recovery: slow as fuck. Which wouldn't be that bad if global warming weren't irreversible by 2017.If you truly want a revolution, it ain't gonna be peaceful. How can it? When the oligarchs control the government, the media, and the police, how are peaceful protests going to change anything? The police will beat you, the government won't help you, and the media will ignore you so the protests are in vain. There's a reason communist revolutions have only happened through violence and war so maybe take note of that. Oh, but most y'all don't like violence because of the big anti-war sentiment from the our conflicts in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. Well your shit out of luck cause this isn't working. Thousands of people have supported OWS. Thousands, NOT millions in a country of 300 million. That's a small ass number, and you constantly spit on people that do not support you as "sheeple" which is simply undermining your cause more by alienating further members of 99% through such a disrespectful term. Until y'all decide to embrace the only effective means of achieving communism or anarchism, I guess I'll keep seeing things on this forum about the dangers of big banks, the military-industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, global warming, capitalism in general, our two party system, and the 1% and yet see very little action in attempts to stop these. Just like Obama, y'all are all talk, no action.



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[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 6 years ago

The key element of any weak argument is the use of words like
do you have the courage to DO something?

Because of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision,
we cannot accomplish anything significant,
without FIRST ending corporate personhood.
Because 83% of Americans already agree on it - we don’t have to explain or persuade people to accept our position – we only have to persuade them to ACT based on their own position. Pursuing this goal will prove to the world that we, at OWS, are a serious realistic Movement, with serious realistic goals.
Achieving this goal will make virtually every other goal –
jobs, taxes, infrastructure, Medicare – much easier to achieve –
by disarming our greatest enemy – GREED.
I feel that using the tactics of the NRA, the AARP an the TP – who all represent a minority – who have successfully used their voting power to achieve their minority goals - plus the Prohibition Amendment tactics – bringing all sides together - is a straight path for us to success

Our current project is developing and implementing,
a voting bloc petition to create voter support for candidates throughout the country.
We want to vote for candidates who pledge to support a Constitutional Amendment that includes:

Overturning the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision which enabled the flood of secret money that is drowning our political system,
Overturning the 1976 Buckley Supreme Court decision which equates money and speech,
Eradicating the corporate personhood rights invented in the courts that
have enabled corporations to buy our democracy,
Supports campaign finance reform to level the playing field for all candidates.

The People For the American Way found 74% of Americans
want to vote for candidates who support an amendment.

Koch and the tea party and ALEC have ..the money –
….and the government –
……and they use them.

We have
..the people -
….and the vote -
……and we must use them!

Join the our NYC
Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech Working Group
………….( even if you are not near NYC )


regular meetings Wednesdays 5:30-7:30PM @ 60 Wall St – The Atrium

..███░░ ░███░..░███.░.█░░░█░░░░.████░.░███░░░

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 6 years ago

You really roll out the red carpet. haha ok

[-] 1 points by tiesa (-5) 6 years ago

Take the narrow-eyed green-teethed trailer-trash Skinheads out of the Tea Party ... and take the whiney live-with-their-Mom no-real-clue Marxists out of the Occupy Movement ... and what you have left could very well be the kernel of a new America and - with our endless wars for profit and oil terminated - a new World.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 6 years ago

By all means, lead by example.

Perhaps you are discussing followers here.

Oh, and if you think communism is what this movement wants, you clearly haven't paid much attention at all.

Thanks for your input, though. All welcome.

[-] 1 points by Spade2 (478) 6 years ago

Some do, some identify themselves as Marxists. What does part of the political spectrum does occupy fall on anyway?