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Forum Post: Wow, Censorship on OWS. Really?!! Talk about Conspiracies

Posted 5 years ago on June 28, 2012, 1:19 p.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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{ Incredible, I can't believe someone managed to hide or remove a simple theory about the repugnacans (trademark) plans for a coup de tat of American Democracy. Here's What I wrote just 8 hours ago} Here's a theory, better than the garbage the repugnacans(Trademark) put forward in the "Fast and Furious" horse hockey committee. They believe Bush started the program so that President Obama could come in and use it to overturn the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. I don't have boots high enough to handle that bull..., I would more believe that the whole ATF program was instituted by Issa himself to make serious profits alongside his Subway Sandwich Shop Franchises. Now that it has been found out, he is trying to help his business partners in the Mexican Cartels by getting them the names of all the ATF agents and any other pertinent information. And because Attorney General Holder won't give him this confidential and illegal to release information, he needs to hide his demand for those documents behind the false claim of non cooperation, thus a trumped up charge of Contempt of Congress... That's a theory I would believe a whole hell of a lot more than some bogus moronic theories that the whole bush inspired program of gun walking was an President Obama plan to abolish the 2nd Amendment. The morons who fall for that Repugnacans (Trademark) theory, need to stop drinking Drano.



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