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Forum Post: Would OWS accept $1 Million US Dollars from Goldman Sachs?

Posted 8 years ago on March 1, 2012, 3:26 a.m. EST by nweiner (-9)
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Lloyd Blankfein - Goldman Sachs... contributed almost a million dollars to Barack Obama's presidential campaign — making Goldman Sachs "the company from which Obama raised the most money in 2008"

The OWS is owned by Kalle Lasn. A front for CANVAS paid for by Soros. The OWS is response to the RNC's Tea-Party, the DNC felt it needed to have the same thing, ... lemming's on the street.

Obama is on the Goldman Sachs payroll this is established. Obama was put in power by Corzine & Blankfein. Fact.

If Goldman Sachs directly offered Kalle Lasn a Million Dollars would he accept it?

The OWS pretends to represent something it call's the 99%, which of course is un-defined. Yet they claim to despise the 1% which they claim to be Bankers such as Corzine & Blankfein.

The Golden Boy of the OWS is OBAMA a man on the Goldman Sachs payroll that got $1 Million from Blankfein alone.

OWS claims to represent the 99%, yet it financed by the 1% SOROS&BLANKFEIN.

Soro's got rich the same way Blankfein got rich, by speculating. The kind of speculating that destroyed the US economy.

Would OWS accept One Million Dollars cash from Goldman Sachs?

I think they already have, if you consider that the re-election of Obama is the only stated goal of the OWS and the only short-term mission in sight. Given that the Obama was put in power by Goldman Sachs and that the OWS only exists to keep Obama in power, it can only be assumed that OWS is also on the Goldman Sachs payroll.



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[-] 1 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

Yes, we can, we can accept the money, because we are the OWS, and we're doing god's work, as we are god, ... we are the 99%, and you are shit.

We can be run by the money from the 1% because we are as pure as snow, and your shit stinks, as you will never be part of the extra-special 99%.

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 8 years ago

hell yes... take a $1M from gs ... we can money launder like the best of them

[-] 1 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

Given what OWS has accomplished, I think we can all agree that OWS has gotten way more than $1 Million dollars from Goldman Sachs.

With OWS the bankers going to jail isn't even on the table, instead its "we are the 1%", or its "save the whales", or "Take the money out of politics"

Think about it this way, had OWS focussed on the 1% for real, and made 'bankers go to jail' the #1 goal, the entire Wall Street would have panicked, instead OWS is see as nothing more than a BAD JOKE.

Given that OWS has kept the likes of Dimon, Corzine, and Blankfein out of jail, I would dare say that OWS should be paid 100's of millions of dollars for services rendered to the 1%.

They have successfully caused fatigue nationwide, they have made liberals into pro-war Israeli firster's, and they have made it illegal to admit that Obama is a Goldman Sachs whore.

I would say that Wall Street owes OWS a billion dollars or more....

Kall Lasn is going to be a very rich man.

Soros got rich as an investment banker, the very thing OWS condemns, ... funny that OWS is financed by the 1%, ... sort of like the fox guarding the hen house?

[-] 0 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

Fear? Nahh

Stupidity? Nahh

Lazy? Nahhh

Greed? Yes, they really believed the urban myth that if they blindly followed 'der ows leader' that he would steal from the 1% and pass to the 99%, trouble is we know the 1% has money, but cleverly the 99% was never defined.

Who is the 99%? A very small group of people.


[-] 0 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

It's been established that the OWS is the 1%. It's been defined, we know what the 1% is, its bankers like Dimon, Corzine, and Blankfein. The men who put Obama in power.

But what has not been defined is the 99%, I know that I'm not part of the 99% because everything I write on this forum is banned and deleted.

Who is the 99%? I made the observation months ago that only if you concede to the Orwellian view that OWS Consensus is supreme and no other ideas are in your mind can you be part of the 99%.

I'm now convinced the '99%' is some super-secret society or code like in the movie Animal-House, you know "super secret probation'. In OWS its wink and nod, ... but the reality its clear here that their is a secret list of folks that never get banned like GF, GK, ... they say as they wish, and they are the 99%.

To a rational person 99% is what it means, but here at OWS its super-secret, and can't even be defined,

But its clear what the 1% and its clear given by OWS actions that the 1% are the masters of OWS, as the golden-boy and saint of OWS the Obama is a 1% and is our icon and idol, there are no other god's than Obama before OWS.

[-] 1 points by HoarFriday (27) 8 years ago

Show your weiner.