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Forum Post: World Sovereignty: The Promise of Civilization How the World is Corrupt and How to Solve It

Posted 5 years ago on May 2, 2012, 12:46 p.m. EST by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD
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World Sovereignty: The Promise of Civilization
How the World is Corrupt and How to Solve It


Many intelligent people of the world believe that humanity has put itself and many fellow species in harms way, in such a way that extinction is bound to happen. Given our present course; the mass consumption of rain forests; the pollution of the oceans, water ways, and the air; combined with the desertification of once plentiful regions of the world, and the exploitation of impoverished peoples for slave labor and mass food production; it is no wonder that there is a silent cry for help deep within the soul of mankind and the world, and a deep longing for change in the heart of everyone with half a brain. The first half of this book will be to describe the problems of our world in such a way that the reader is convinced that there is in fact a very serious problem. The second half of this book will be to describe the solutions for these problems in such a way that there is a movement to begin healing the earth from the scourge of corporations and capitalism. I have spent five years since graduating from high school in 2007 working on an idea to change the destructive course of the global corporate empire, and amend the frames to which we are accustomed. It has taken me through a winding road of study, from economic theory to philosophical and political ethics and has ultimately led me to develop my own unique perspective and premise for society to coexist. I discovered that it is the Corporation that is destroying us, founded by the western European model, the premise of capitalism and dominion over the earth instead of the equal partnership of mankind with the earth that has led us to this inevitable conclusion. Through capitalism as it is defined, humanity has sought to destroy and plunder the earth in order to become closer to it by creating products out of it--products designed to be obsolete. Capitalism at its best is humanity at its worst. The profit motive, as it is defined, insists that corporations create wasteful products; and controls the incentive of a corporation to create products as inefficient as possible because designed obsolescence is the only way to make profit, and because profit is the legal obligation for its share holders, the corporate leaders have no choice but to plunder and make waste of the earth. It is a system of perpetual and inevitable destruction. Before the Europeans came to the Americas, all the rivers were drinkable, and everything about the land was plentiful. Today it is impossible to drink the waters of this land because they are contaminated. Instead we are forced to drink municipal water that is also contaminated, not only by residual chemicals that get through the treatment process, but also by added chemicals that are put in during the process that “purify” the water, and make it more “safe” to drink. Sodium fluoride—intended to make clean teeth—has been linked to bone cancer, and even fluorosis in 10% of the population. You will know the tree by its fruit. Our present form to which we are accustomed, the frames at the foundation of our world, are bearing the fruits of destruction in the form of famine, pestilence, war, and death. Plundering has not gotten us closer to some deeper meaning of reality, our economic premise of development has not made us happier, and in truth it has distracted us from everything that could make us happy and satisfied: a loving connection with the earth. The only cure to this systemic disease is to transcend the premise of western thought, and inherit the great premise of civilization. According to a theoretical physicist named Michio Kaku, we are presently residing in a level 0 civilization. According to his definition there are a few scientific standards for a level 1 civilization, including the ability to control the weather and interior functions of the earth. However in my mind there can be only one very civic distinction, which is world peace, and a global coexistence of cooperation instead of competition and war.
The goals of the world citizen constitution and the establishment of a world citizen government are not only world peace, but civilization, and to facilitate the steps needed to bring mankind into abundance, and to heal the earth instead of plunder it. Spiritual notions are not required for the people of the world to understand or accept this premise as fundamentally true and necessary, we all know that it is true, we can see it happening around us; the deterioration of not only the health of the world, but of our selves; cancer is at an epidemic rate, and so is obesity, and pollution has become a problem of equally massive proportions. It is obvious that the world is in trouble, and that mankind is being lead by the least among us. In order to step into civilization and find the cures to the problems that western thought and culture have created, we first must abolish the forms to which we are accustomed and accept response ability for our life and this planet. For too long the so called civilized nations of this world have sat on the couch and ignored their responsibility and have therefore given up dignity for complacency, activity for comfort and distraction.

Contents: PART 1 1 A Modern Religion
2 Global Corporate Empire 3 Finding a Solution Manifests the Problem PART 2 4 Civilization 5 Restoring and Healing the Planet 6 Why the World Citizen?



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[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

PART 1 The Problem

Chapter 1 A Modern Religion

There are many redeeming qualities to the modern world; the scientific, technological advancements that have emerged in the past decades, none of them more important than the internet and the resulting compression of the world through that technology. However, similar technologies that emerged before the internet, specifically the television, have been mostly squandered for the purpose of commercialization and propaganda instead of liberation and free thought. Indeed there is a mall religion of this modern age. The television is its preacher, proselytizing consumption and infusing each human that watches it with the soulless complacency of a hypnotized zombie. There are redeeming qualities of this technology and its ability to inform mass numbers of people, but they are outweighed by the destructive qualities of its present structure, and premise of use. At present the preacher of our modern religion can be noticed by its blue incandescent glow that we see in the windows of many houses. Subtly sermonizing, the television hypnotically flickers at a rate far faster than the conscious eye can see, and is telling your subconscious to consume and obey, to trust the government and that rebellion will not be tolerated. Once we are done watching television for hours--having been bombarded with propaganda so sophisticated and refined that is only in our subconscious--we are filled with thoughts and desires about products we know nothing about, and it is that train of thought that leads us to perpetually labor at jobs we hate to go and buy things we do not need. The result is a monotonous life full of needless frustration and toil for pay that will inevitably be squandered on things of virtually no value, or of severely precipitous value.

Squandering what we earn leads us to the church of the modern religion: the mall. No greater place of warship exists in the consumer culture. With its sprawling parking lots, massive doors that represent the virtue of haughtiness, and outlets advertising their various wares and whatnots of a thousand retailers, these daunting structures embody the very soul of consumption and waste. Constructed for a single purpose, these superficial structures are designed for the warship of stuff. Their interiors are like the ideal consumer: full of pointless distractions, cheap items, and empty aesthetics. Every year there are seasonal adornments for the holidays, including the favorite deity of warship, Santa and his elves, to make you shop ‘til you drop! Malls and aren’t designed to make you happy, their designed to make you consume, and they are not an innocent frivolity for the suburban dwellers, what they are is a bastion of hope for a religion that tells you, “You have no soul, fill the void with stuff, and obey.” No different than giving a hamster some lettuce or a workout wheel, the mall is designed, like every other frivolity, to make you more comfortable with your monetary enslavement, it makes the bars on the cage a little less visible, your life a little less monotonous, your suffering a little more tolerable. However, the truth remains; you are a hamster in a cage.

The symbol for this religion of consumption is none other than the one dollar bill. Of course all dollars are the equivalent of the Christian cross for this commercial culture, but the one dollar bill is unique because it has the most occult or hidden symbolism than any other bill. The one dollar bill is like a piece of mafia graffiti, a death note in spite of the founding fathers that warned against the construction of a centralized banking system, and in fact rallied against the idea of a banking cartel in America. When you look at one, notice the all-seeing eye staring back at you in defiance of a once great government, and remember these words from Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Taylor in 1816: “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." It is also important to remember that it wasn’t until the federal reserve and the IRS were actually set into place after the second world war that we started to see a new federal income tax education system in America, one called school. Similar to the system set in place in Prussia in the 19th century, which led inevitably to a heard mentality 100 years later in the people of Germany, which consequentially lead to the Nazi empire and the deaths of millions. You may believe yourself a religious person or not, but regardless of what you may believe, if you follow the pattern of working, watching television, going to sleep, working, shopping, and going to sleep, you are a zealot of the modern religion, and in effect a slave. The money that you do not squander goes to your survival in this so called civilized world; you are left with virtually nothing compared to the wealthy haves, yet you may still believe you are free and prosperous in a modern society. Because we have been slowly conditioned for slavery and for the total acceptance of arbitrary authority over us, there is a great potential for tyranny to come into being in America. Education, the cornerstone for any society civilized or not, has been hollowed out and presented to the people as something it always was, when the evidence suggests otherwise. School is not education, nor is college when the curriculum is dictated by some council who does not give a damn about the future generations, but rather believes they’re chattel to be controlled and channeled.

[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

Nothing is more fundamental to the commercial culture and the modern religious cult of consumerism than school, and nothing more quintessential to a mindless, dull public, content with what they’re told. Education through public or private school is the indoctrination center for the zeitgeist that money, school, or our government, and every other premise of mankind up to this point is a law like gravity, beyond our power to affect it. An education system that trains instead of cultivates the public can lead only to dictatorship and senseless war. As it is, school is the indoctrination center for the modern religions cult, and crucial to the mall culture. The school, the preacher, the church, and the dollar, all of them perfect representations of their true value compared to what is possible, all of them a steady process of indoctrination through symbols of value that poison the ultimately poison the earth, them in combination acting as a total theft of freedom and decent life is inevitable. Corporations and Government versus a People indoctrinated with indulgence and compliance is the cause of mass destruction that only increases with time. Therefore it is necessary to have an education system that is consistent with a critical model, one with martial arts and meditation as recess, where the teachers are without a curriculum because they are professors of their field, and have free reign to educate their young students; a child psychologist in the early years of education, helping the teachers to convey the ideas of mathematics and art, science and philosophy, language and culture, thus cultivating the brain and raising the level of consciousness. Once a decent education system is established, the solution to the corruption of government by corporations is to redefine the corporation to require a necessary benefit to its planetary share holders, and the ecosystem, crippling it by particular limitations such as a value system where the direct transfer of currency to another person was impossible because currency was re-defined as one’s own value defined as observed and recognized by society. This will eliminate the influence of monetary and corporate institutions upon government by making bribery impossible and conventional banking pointless. Doing this also elicits a new incentive and dimension to the purpose of labor, rather participation in society determines value, collaboration instead of competition, with higher incentive to be self competitive, and play is the purpose. Once citizenship is earned as a title denoting purpose in society, rather than national significance in an arbitrary territorial premise, the resulting democratic social republic can congregate in communion and true civilization, granting its citizens certain rights, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, information, and health care. We are all born with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All citizens are people, but not all people will want to be citizens. In fact it would be encouraged not to be a citizen in rural areas where independence and lack of control is more dependable. Government of and by the people and citizens, composed of their feedback at its frames; determining laws, developing societal projects for development, and self governing are keys to solving corruption through applied democracy; manifesting a premise where the people are the direct and voluntary check to government. Further, creating a new branch of government, superseding all other branches, whose members are responsible to the People only, places the responsibility of proper governance to the People, and the collective individual at the top of the totem pole of power. Further, with regards to religion, Gandhi asks, “Why should there be so many different faiths? The Soul is one, but the bodies she animates are many.” All religions, conceived of by man, are imperfect and are subject to evolution, and it is that evolution that brings seekers of truth closer to truth and therefore god, because Truth is God. However, the writer does not advocate a world religion, rather tolerance for lack of a better word, and scrutiny of our own faith in combination. Scrutiny is important with regards to mankind because man is imperfect, yet time and time again believes himself and his creation otherwise. Man creates religion, and not god, yet people follow blindly the words of man, neglecting the voice of reason, which is Soul. Confused by what seems to be a daunting world, often a person will accept whatever someone else tells them as truth or god, and blindly warship something that makes his choice of isolation alright as long as he or she performs certain rituals and payments. The true religion cannot be made institutional because it is the life that we live every day; it is the moment that we inhabit choicelessly. The soul transcends belief or faith in it, and requires no ritual to access; however ignorance of the soul’s unity with everything around us causes suffering and confusion between you and me. In effect society is in conflict with itself, just as we are in conflict with our selves because God or Truth is dead, because we have put faith in imperfect truths, and shades of god before god or reality itself. Only when we recognize the similarity of all religions as imperfect shades of truth will the recognition and tolerance of all religions and unity of Soul in all beings be revived, and the premise necessary for a civilization to develop on earth be manifest.

And this brings us to the final component, the most recent development, one that has become so refined that it consumes the very spirit of life itself: videogames. The videogame is a proxy life that we live through vicariously because our own lives are so dull and monotonous. The bland pattern of work, shop, sleep, must be broken up by videogames instead of real adventure, not only because our world is slowly constricting towards tyranny, but because real adventure is too exhausting for those of us drained by the current lifestyle. 
Indeed, the gaming console is a representation of us; it too is a powerful computer, one with a vivid landscape that is experienced through an avatar that we poses in order to interact with that landscape. While we play the game on a television screen, we dissociate from our own bodies, and harmonize with the video game, losing track of time and the exterior world. 

The fact that it is a representation is glaringly obvious, and yet we fail to see the connection, one which implies that we are participating in the greatest game of all called Life, and that we are interacting with the greatest virtual environment called reality. That this is the case is most liberating and enlightening. Who you are is not the avatar, playing through this game; in fact who you are, like the player of a video game, is a greater force unseen from our limited dimension of experience as avatars, yet so directly connected to that reality that it cannot be easily noticed at all. That player has been given many names throughout history, and has been connoted with sacred and deified, but is in reality the one, the player of all states and stages of existence; from quantum to neuronal, the integration of that interaction broadens, becomes deeper, until the integration becomes so interactive that consciousness cannot distinguish itself from the avatar. The religious struggle of every faith is to discover the player, and to dissolve attachment and identification with the avatar. The expression of that faith—which implies a sacred unity of all experience, not just the human one—is the recognition of self in all, and all in self. All at once it can be recognized that the shell one possesses, which is made in the likeness of all other forms, is in fact self same to all other forms; all at once it can be recognized that this is so because there is only one mover, manifesting all form, interacting at all levels. This, in concept is very similar to many religions, particularly similar to the native American idiom, but it is only a coincidence that they are similar, but the implications are nonetheless the same.

[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

Chapter 2 Global Corporate Empire

There is nothing more daunting and nebulous, yet critically important and all affecting than matters of The Global Corporate Empire (GCE) that with a terrifying technicality and certainty—and with the sponsorship and fluency of the monetary institutions acting as a kind of circulatory system and digestive system and brain of mans industrial monstrosity—controls world events by starting wars, creating and funding the necessities of both sides to continue, and taxing the people of those nations for doing so. Naming names of the GCE members is pointless; rather this book will describe an overreaching problem of the general premise of the world in which we live, and to provide the cure to the systemic disorders that are occurring around us. No matter how many modern money masters we slay, more will crop up as long as we roll over and consent to the current indentured servitude.

Rather than thinking blind stupidity of the worlds most intellectual beings and their actions, is it not more reasonable to suspect the malicious intent to murder and enslave you according the what history has shown? The people in congress who are followers of the GCE are not fools, they are psychopaths. The point is that we have madmen making our laws and determining our direction, and in effect wreaking havoc. The world itself is being consumed for our gratification while the GCE profits off the mutual destruction of mankind for their personal glorification. With the power of nations at their command, secure in the highest towers of money slowly reaching for the stars, the uppermost elite define the future within piles of books describing a brave new world; the GCE wants to harness humanity instead of let it develop and learn to harness itself. The idea that we have been guided for so long by the forces of corruption means only that the immense beauty of a world guided by the will of humanity itself trumps infinitely the corrupt one. Our world is less valuable because of the outcome of the so called royalty of this world to steel or discover this new world called America, only in order to establish their new world order. The resultant industrial revolution was indeed just as thoughtless and naive as every other revolution, rather than evolution. Rather than pushing to discover new ways to liberate man, new ways to dominate, tax, and disenfranchise mankind was the motive of the corporate capitalist model; resulting in a society gradually drifting away from its simple heart and closer to the superficial qualities of a technological age. In other words, every revolution implies the same old story. Only an evolution from global corporate empire to civilization will solve world problems like overpopulation, starvation, pollution, and the like, because only self-driven humanity without the corporate elite can survive and thrive.

Finding your heart, finding your self, that is what life is about, that is what will give you the most satisfaction out of life, and that is what will develop society. Instead we live in a world where no one is finding either because they are too busy paying bills for an education, paying taxes because the banks need to spread more debt, or dieing of starvation somewhere no one gives a damn about. The plan is to get people too busy to pay attention to how badly they’re getting fucked, too conflicted by what people tell them to believe versus reality, and not living decently in the paradise around and inside them. Dictators that exhibit psychopathic behavior, like corporations, enjoy the suffering of their victims, and simultaneously blame them for it. Africa for instance is portrayed as a scene of self inflicted turmoil, like most places in the world, when in fact it is because of the royalty and empires of the world that Africa is chaos. The true cause of the worlds problems are the psychopathic dictators that we give our allegiance to, having no idea what we are pledging from childhood into adulthood. The world that the GCO have been planning for us has been called the New World Order (NOW), which is neither new nor order. The governments of this world are centralizing and establishing the conditions for martial law and total control at the behest of the psychopathic GCE. History is repeating itself once again because the powers of the GCE are ancient. The reason that it keeps happening is because we’ve always let the same people rule because we never knew who they were. The secret power of this GCE is to be invisible, and it took Egypt and Rome to realize this secret that has been kept until recently because the universe of information called the internet has exposed them with the efforts of great patriots for world unity against that NWO. For this reason however, it is imperative that we the People defeat the rulers of this empire of destruction. Our comfort and complacency can never last, and has lasted for decades past its reasonable limit. The backlash from this cozy lifestyle for many people will contrast exponentially to the new world order. The impoverished that have no experience in agriculture will very likely perish or learn agriculture if that is not made illegal by a corporately controlled government. The alternative to this systemic control can only come with the total abandon of the system at hand, simply because the power of the GCE is so pervasive. In the declaration of independence it is said that, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…” (This can not be truer than when it comes to the suffering of a world enslaved to capitalism by a global corporate empire; this is a form of government that is global and not accountable to any one nation--guided by the ideas of eugenics, godhood, and exploring the stars as immortals. The projected fate of humanity is to suffer without redress on the third world from the sun) “…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

Illusion, thinking it is reality, takes reality for illusion. Have no illusions of freedom and prosperity in your involuntary servitude to this commercial culture. Any liberty that we have is highly controlled and limited with the penalty of incarceration or fine. These laws are concurrent with the deliberate creation of the conditions for them to be necessary by the true government, the GCE. The process is called problem reaction solution: create a problem, expecting a reaction from the people, and provide the solution you had in mind from the beginning, which is always the stripping of rights and liberties and centralizing the power of controlled government.
This process has many great examples; the war on poverty is a situation where poverty is created by the global empire in effect by policies planned to do so, which the people then react to and demand more legislation that will dig people into deeper poverty because that is what is desired; the war on drugs, where not only does the government admittedly bring in drugs and protect them on the global market like the poppy fields in Afghanistan, they actually make it illegal to sell or possess them because people were told by endless propaganda that drugs were a problem and thus demanded a solution; the war on terror where the government trains these militia groups in the middle east during the gulf war, and then blames three demolitions on three major buildings in New York on one of those groups flying two airplanes into two buildings, building seven was not hit by a plain yet fell at freefall speed, it was demolished like the two towers, but this was none the less done to strip us of our liberties in the pursuance of freedom, and we have neither more liberty nor freedom. Notice that it is always a war to be waged against some enemy; it has been described by the writer pen named Orwell, in his book 1984 where the unvanquishable enemy constitutes the catalyst for permanent enslavement or dominion of the masses. Nothing is more important to a global empire than to confuse and divide the world from itself, and to bring you and me into conflict with our self.

When someone wants others to be punished for consuming or possessing a drug for instance, they are angry because of propaganda, and they are vengeful because of alack of sympathy. Confused, ignorant, and afraid because of what they’ve been told by authority, the people of the older generations have bought the lie. Somehow crime has become a personal choice of millions of Americans, because of the choice of a single generation of Americans to mandate the illegality of a certain criterion of drugs. And legal drugs today are no less harmful, and no less susceptible to abuse than those declared legal. In fact, the money made by drug dealers is no less a part of the government/monetary system than the legal drug dealers called pharmacies. Legal drugs are medicine, yet harm more people every year than pot. Legal drugs are medicine, yet they are abused by many people, inflicting greater harm than such schedule one drugs as LSD or marijuana as it’s called. No longer is choice an option in the western world. The choice to be me is no longer an acceptable, no longer a respectable, and no longer a desirable choice to make. The life that is desired is the conditioned one, one that was created by people that want the prosperity of the capitalist system, and the decline of spirituality in the People. But what is the prosperity of capitalism if not the complete destruction of the entire environment to possess it, to control it, and to become more one with it by creating products out of it? What then is the answer to the problem? Perhaps applying a new operating system of government to the way business is able to function, and a new operating system for culture to the way we exchange value and changing the life of people across the globe and create peace and prosperity everywhere for everyone. By abolishing the forms to which we are accustomed and changing the frames fundamental to our lives, the very premises of our lives, to what is more natural, we can only anticipate, based on provable evidence, that we would be more happy and more inclined to act sovereign if we were more in control and had access to potentially infinite knowledge. We all are composed of this possibility; it is an object of a decent government to self-actualize its citizens towards this goal. With that in mind no system can fail, and no society can fall prey to despotism. However, a great mass of people must come together, perhaps physically, but otherwise through the internet or through representation, maybe all of the above. The People’s consolidation of power is something beyond money, something beyond any military power to affect. Human compassion and empathy is more powerful than the entire stockpile of atomic bombs on the planet earth. In order to harness our own power we need to become aware of it in the first place. It starts and is fundamentally driven by individual empowerment, contrasting to how people feel when they give all power to the state or to the collective instead of realizing that it is only through empowered individuals that a state or collective exists in the first place. The harnessed power of collective individual human will can accurately direct the evolution of mankind towards civilization and self discovery. Only with an educated public is this possible, which is why education has been deteriorated, because the only threat to the GCE is an educated, passionate public. What therefore is necessary is the complete self empowerment of each individual, to compare ourselves to the historical figures throughout history. Learning that there have been people with humbler conditions than could be imagined today who had nothing but themselves, and were able to achieve greatness that transcended antiquity and language. The history of this world is full of stories that started with self empowerment, and its power proves grand for an individual, imagine the power of a million such individuals compared to the GCE. How do you recognize the self same in others, that willingness to serve others with whom we feel the most empathy. To do so you cannot deny we are all made of the same stuff, that we are all basically the same, and that any act of service to one is an act of service to potentially everyone. That being said, do not let someone tell you who you are, search to find that for yourself. Do you want to interact with the world; do you want to have more time to have fun? What is best for you is best for everyone; treat others as you would your self. This cannot be a concept but a reality--that is the kind of state of consciousness that is necessary for the premise of civilization to exist. It is only when we stand up that our republic can be re-established, and only then after the systemic changes have been made to resist corruption can we overcome the power of the GCE and their New World disOrder.

[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

Chapter 3 Finding a Solution Manifests a Problem

Imagine a system of education that starts with the first day of the first grade: Homeroom 8:00-8:15, the homeroom teacher asks the children what they have learned while they were at home or during their previous day at school, and this being done to refresh their memory and to cultivate enthusiasm for learning and self expression; Class 8:30-930, (Subject: Writing. Language: Spanish) the students, who have been educated in public or private preschool to learn several languages, including Spanish, are learning how to write in Spanish. This will be the only subject they will have on this particular day. Recess 9:30-10:30, recess will consist of a variety of optional, spontaneous or ordered activities consisting of; farming and agriculture on the community farm located on the premises, culinary art or food prep, art, martial arts, yoga, meditation, and many more at the peoples discretion depending upon the age and degree of responsiveness of the children themselves. Class 10:45-11-45. Lunch 11:45-12:30. Class 12:30-1:30. Recess 1:30- 2:30. School ends. Day two, Subject Arithmetic Language Mandarin etc. Classes could be made interactive and stimulating even to a technological age of children. Even adults could attend classes for free. In summary hour long class periods consisting of one subject, broken up by several recesses, and ending with an hour long recess. During recess the children are still learning, but indirectly so that learning is not work or perceived as such, instead learning is play, and the process of school is fun. Students are not trained to memorize information, and they do not jump through hoops in the form of tests or homework, rather they are encouraged to learn on the internet at home what they do not understand in class, and submit journal logs that detail their understanding of the subject material. In each class of the first through third grade, there will be a child psychologist to assist the teacher in explaining concepts to children that do not understand the material, and to ensure that there is no hostility or frustration in either the students or the teacher. This would also increase the ability of the teachers to adapt to student tendencies and learning styles.

The solution to an uneducated public and a wasteful society is to establish an education that cultivates independence and critical thought. Cultivation of not only the brain, but society, to ensure that everyone is not excluded access, even adults. This would ensure that every human being is given access to their children, and to the information taught in school every day. Because the teachers would be professors of their field, curriculum would be unnecessary and instead creativity will be the driving force of educating the very young and the very old. This then presents a problem of the present education system, which is ass backwards, and trains its chattel to be workers. True education attempts to better itself with every generation. With languages being taught at kindergarten, professors as teachers for grade 1-7, and librarian like information finders at grade 8-12, the young adults of our future could potentially transcend all other generations in intelligence and number. Therefore it is necessary to consider the redesign of our culture in order to establish a more perfect union.

[-] 1 points by mattrickpatrick (11) from Woodbine, MD 5 years ago

Two other amendments to our premise are necessary, and one of them is a fourth branch of government that manifests the second amendment to our current of value and wealth, and the current value of wealth and changing our currency. The fourth branch must be a council, but one elected by the people, and thereafter selected by existing council members and by the people for election. They would preside over an office that would officially observe humans benefiting society, document it, distribute it, and compare it to others doing the same thing, letting people vote on it, and from that individuals receive not only the rights of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, information, healthcare, etc., but also the entitlements with enough contribution, to buy items of your choosing based on overall value. What this implies is a resource based economy, where the resource is human will, and the objective of profit is to heal the planet, and eradicate harmful chemicals, harmful practices, and seek to absolve ourselves of the complete disaster of the last industrial revolution. The complete commercialization of everything devalues it to such a degree in the mind, because of desensitization, and because the human mind becomes attached to ideas and patterns. To release ourselves from the plastic complacency of capitalist modernity all it takes is standing up with intent to champion human life in the Life Olympics we are all one in. Only until we recognize that we are all one will we realize civilization. A golden era is only as far as its people are from change, passion, and willful self empowerment. The ability for the people to have complete control over legislation and the quality of their education system is essential, and it is therefore important that the wise council branch be completely directed by human will. This can be done by putting an enormous amount of power into the hands of the council members, but stripping them of the right to privacy, and the protection of the laws regarding assault and battery to prevent them from corruption. Then the people are at the top of the totem. Currency then can change to massively benefit our lives and develop leisure instead of the opposite at the whim of the centralized banks. With the incentive of citizenship alone, people will contribute to society, and given their desire to have what they want they will desire to contribute more.

Because money would not be a factor, limiting human activity, and the profit motive would be redefined to mean observable human benefit, only the quality and the adequate distribution of the product are important, because renown determines the grade of any business, and the grad of the business is the grade of the constituent workers, the benefit is mutual, the incentive is to ensure individual and collective effort to maintain higher standards of quality. The number of citizens participating in a business determines the number of managerial officers necessary to observe and grade the business. However to the contrary a single officer for an artistic field could observe several artists and promote them and in effect determine renown. These officers are given entitlements based on how generously, but justly they perform an evaluation of value, and justly means democratically rated by the potentially infinite observer. This kind of system is not determined by money, and not within the control or influence of the monetary institutions or the foundations of our modern world. This is a system with the will of the people, instead of their coerced compliance, at the heart of its forms. The reality that this is a system that must command responsibility to duty, and a difficult alternative to swallow for most people, because it will mean giving up working to get money for taxes and smart phones for gardening and taxi driving for education and a new start with freedom and democracy. Social interaction is the basis for a system of capitalism redefined to incentivize lasting, high quality products instead of designed obsolescence, because the latter is only expending resources of the planet as a whole, the only return for a planet earth is the former. In order to have returns over expenditures observable benefit to either the world or to human life must accrue. Therefore, using the principles of capitalism it is possible to create a cashless system where generally corporations are investigated by the people and officers justly to oversee the workings and give it a proper grade using an investigative approach. Answerable only to the people, these kinds of officers are not spying on us finally they are spying on the corporations instead.
Truly there is a need for corporations and development, but only with the object of deconstructing the senseless development that has come into being since the mid twentieth century. With the help of European centralized banks and the cartels that animate the unholy goliath called the New World Order, there has been a total replacement of nature and sustainable living for comfort and mostly artificial food.

To explain what it means to have the rights of free food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and information, healthcare, education etc, first it must be explained how these can be standardized, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. In order for food to be sustainable, vertical gardens must be constructed in especially urban areas, but everywhere else as well. This being done can standardize the free distribution of food, and edible plants like apple trees in parks and lining the streets. The freedom of food means the freedom to have it, however that also means going to a restaurant and eating natural local food every time. This would give more people jobs for seeding the gardens, working the restaurant next door, and benefit more people because of the quality of fresh organic produce regardless of the season. Clothing can be standardized, but it is not desirable if it is all the same. Therefore the resources for creating clothing will be provided to interested designers. The value will be determined by the people, and pushed by the office of managerial oversight established by the wise council branch. This would employ large numbers of people to create clothing to suit the needs of the local populace to be procured for free, not only to the citizens, but to anyone in need of clothing within reason. In order to make transportation free, the education system would first teach children at the age of sixteen how to drive, then teach them how to work a taxicab system, and when they graduate have that as their first official job. By doing so you not only create a new job that anyone can have if they go through the course, which is free, but they would be able to get citizenship, the right to free travel with communal cars, which would gradually be replaced by high performance vehicles already within the possibility of being made, already patented. This would not only increase the potential for safe and dependable driving for everyone, it would also decrease the needed cars on the road. To use all non-historical cars as taxies, and scrap the nearly totaled ones that are still on the road would be a huge improvement from the present situation, something which happens out of necessity because of the limitation of money. No one has the time, money, or effort to get a car properly fixed or maintained. By making cars public, and by making access non-exclusive, you create a situation that can benefit all people potentially, and decrease the number of cars needed on the road, thus decreasing accidental deaths caused by intoxication, and increased prosperity in the community. Shelter is an easier object to provide to an individual by society than any other, not only are there more houses in this country than necessary, there is enough space in total to house every person regardless of station on this continent. The truth is this restriction of access comes not only from the banking cartels that absorb our wealth and take our property, but from our unwillingness to allow the freedom of human beings to have life and security. Has the capitalist brainwashing gone that far that people without money are no longer people? The right to shelter can be shared by citizens and people alike, but because citizenship must be earned, the ability to chose where one lives is exclusively the right of a citizen. People can live anywhere in natural areas, and are encouraged to create their own independence there, but can expect no help from government, unless they request to be evaluated by a member of the council for a new invention or way to benefit the world. The freedom of information means two things, both the freedom to explore the information universe of the internet without interruption or invasion of privacy, but also the freedom of classified information, and the abolishment of the idea that government can classify information secret at all. Combined with free education up to college level, the people have the freedom to know and discover their own ignorance, thus expunging it and improving the overall condition of mankind.

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PART 2 The Solution

Chapter 4 Civilization 

There has never been a true civilization on this planet, only collectives of people seeking greater territory and dominance with empire. Even the pattern of so called enlightened civility that bore out of the united States Constitution has resulted in the opposite of enlightenment, and indeed through the corporation the total abandonment of civilization through a war on ideas. 
Civilization has been defined by physicist Michio Kaku by the nature of its technology, and he considers the present world at a level zero civilization. A level one civilization has learned to harness the earth’s energy systems to power their technology, and has transcended non-renewable energy sources. Level two civilizations have become immortal because it no longer depends on the planet to survive, because it could just terraform planets and colonize them if their world dies. The level three civilizations are galactic, and perhaps immortal, what science would consider the astronaut gods of old.

Michio Kaku’s interpretation of civilization, one bound by the parameters of physics instead of the philosophy or even spirituality of authentic civilization, such a global concept as world unity through societal consent instead of coercion, a transcendence of the political and national artificial boundaries that act to divide and conquer us by design through war, while simultaneously the global elite unify. It is obvious that our global unity is unstoppable and infinitely more powerful compared to the elite, which is why it has been integral for them to limit us and our intelligence through school and controlled media, as well as chemically limiting us through poor diet and chemical lobotomy with simultaneous visual programming. The wisdom that must come from a civilization is characterized by its intense recognition of selfhood as a natural, sacred being that exists equally in everyone regardless of whatever external achievements or possessions; that selfhood is inhabited by all beings proven to have sentient consciousness, and that it is the unifying principle that transcends all cultures and artificial or geographic boundaries. The transfer of that wisdom through individual and collective recognition of the fact that we are all made of the same earth, we all have the same blood, the same DNA, must become the priority of everyone with a brain. Even trees, non-sentient beings must have our respect because of their relationship to us as carbon dioxide breathing, oxygen producing life forms and we are oxygen breathing, carbon dioxide producing. The whole world is in relationship with itself, it is obvious, yet still we are bound by the artificial boundaries that tell us we and our land are better and more free; we and our land are fit enough to survive competing with everyone else. And indeed nationalism and senseless war has been the object of the previous millennium, but it cannot be a part of this one. It makes sense that we must transcend to civilization in this millennium; it is inevitable without the division of the world into parts unified by public consent. The very nature of society must be wisdom spread by the people. Holons, the idea of nested wholes composing parts of larger wholes and so on is similar in effect to fractal geometry, which represents a fundamental tendency of nature to gradually become more complex through a hierarchy holons; representations of the big picture are present in the small, and small in the big. All existences, micro or macro, animate or not, are fractal and thus self similar to one another regardless of scale. Reality is fractal in nature, even our thoughts conform to the patterns of self-similar returns through a feedback loop of information and thought. Therefore it is congruent to apply those principles to culture and society, organizing the world as if it were an aggregate organism composed of self similar micro organisms of the state and city level, and still more fundamental to communities and individuals. Founded and shaped by wisdom, education, and independence at the ground level, the government represents society with self similarity by being a wise, just, and reasonable system, composed of people instead of titles and classes. The unity and similarity of our species is in the surface level in the general perspective, but individually we are all as varied as the stars and states interiorly. Society that bases its value system on a basic recognition of inherent natural, inalienable rights has at its core the will of humanity instead of a lifeless currency. With citizenship as an earned class of relative entitlement relative to ones contribution to society, a new economy can be born with little to no difference to the present economy logistically, only the availability of jobs and necessities will be different, expounded, and yet people would have to work less, and have more time for leisure. This is possible only when the people accept a different work schedule. Determined by the type of occupation, the schedule could be a four day week working every other day. Because one is evaluated on a four month basis, the individual and the group are compelled to either improve output or stay the same according to the evaluation. With this incentive in mind, individuals will desire naturally to contribute more, more effectively. And with their contribution and effectiveness the limits of society are determined by individuals in collaboration instead of competition. Those who do not participate will be given a separate grade based on their lack of performance, and will eventually be either relocated or fired. The macro scale of this is that regions of the world acting individually will be similarly incentivized by evaluations by an objective, critical public to contribute to global conditions for prosperity and peace. This condition however, cannot be enforced by martial law. Only the People can keep a civilized global society, because the individual is the whole, if one is fractured and distracted, society reflects this in macroscopically similar ways.

It is difficult to describe civilization only because it has never existed, all one can do is say what it is not. However, philosophically conclusions can be made as to the nature of a true civilized society. First that it has wisdom--or a society of wise individuals--at the foundation, guiding the people with education. Second that it has democracy, the people undeviating them with the authority of direct force in the case of corruption or acts of arbitrary power.
The most essential aspect of civilization is choice, the choice to participate in it in the first place, because otherwise a global empire could grow up and force citizens to be accountable to arbitrary laws, and eventually enslave, and get away with murdering mass numbers of people. When citizenship is a choice, the system is set more delicate upon the shoulders of the people than ever, and the will to progress is determined by human beings instead of corporations or an enslaving monetary system. 
The governed in control purveys just assurance that the government is secure from despotism by a ruling class. The circumstances necessary for the protection of inalienable rights and the order of justice in law must be established at every microcosm, including the local community, to ensure that it is the case at the macrocosm: the world community. 
The premise of the civil system described in this book is that a civilized people utilizing democratic principles govern themselves, informed about and giving their opinions about public plans and laws. The premise also includes a necessary check against pure democracy, because that can lead to hedonism and deterioration of even the wiggliest of order. That check is the wise council, which can veto any decision made by the people, but must be able to convince the people that they are wrong in order to keep a voice of wisdom in public affairs. 
With the objective of healing the earth from the past destructions, science and technology must be refined and redesigned to be more efficient and less wasteful; cities must be redesigned green and environmental instead of obviously opposing natural order; and the search for renewable, sustainable energies must begin at a never before seen level, unleashing the already patented infinite energy sources; communities must be redesigned also to encourage community collaboration and interaction via communal farms and festivals held at the peoples request by the council.
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In order to deconstruct the uncivilized prehistory of a civilized world, certain kinds of developments are necessary. For instance, replacing ghettos with garden tower apartments would work as a kind of positive development. By training the people who live their how to build it, you can repay them with living in the structure when it is done, thus giving them great incentive to do the best job possible. Not only ecologically sound, economically and logically sound too. The overall husbandry of our own development and our sacred planet must be understood as a responsibility of everyone, and a duty for all citizens. Those corporations that serve no purpose other than to make profits by genetically modifying and patenting life cannot be supported in a civilized society because the very notion is unethical. Corporations like Monsanto, that patent life and sue you if you don’t pay them royalties on the debt, are the scourge of the previous millennium, and must be stopped. Indeed the grounds of the previous millennium are cracked and broken; the new millennium must be founded on the timeless charity of necessity. Survival is imperative and cannot be addressed when the profit motive is the gospel of mankind. In order to preserve home world, the collective human will must be harnessed towards the deep spaces of inner and outer space. This endeavor cannot be undertaken by separate nations bound by artificial lines in the sand. Civilization of the 21st century must transcend the previous millennium, or it will fall into a dark age, and be descended upon by a virtually endless tyranny of neo fascism. Debt as a concept is antiquated and essentially limiting to overall prosperity. Taxation is the same. What is necessary for the future therefore is to establish the conditions for slavery to be virtually impossible, hence the abolition of debt and taxation at all. True civilization is driven by collective human will, not a manipulative minority of coercive elites bent on godhood. Civilization recognizes the place and station of life as sacred and civil government at its core seeks to protect life. The heart of government reflects the heart of the governed. Without the immediate attention of the People towards keeping this security through involvement, civil government fails and must be replaced posthumously.
Also fundamental to civilization is that there can be no overreaching power that transcends either the individual or the collective of people globally. Not even the people can justly wield that kind of power within government structure; only through revolution against despotic government can that power justly manifest. The notion of a federal government on a global scale is nonsense, but to have a council composed of several members, perhaps seven for the regions of the world, there would be a means for feedback and immediate globally environmental affect for positive change. This federal council made of seven members would be derived from councils spreading across the globe; those councils would be selected and elected by the people for their wisdom.

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Chapter 5 Restoring and Healing the Planet

Most essential to any method of restoration of the natural processes and systems of this planet is wisdom. Maturity derived from wisdom is quintessential for the premise that the restoration and understanding of the water systems, pollination systems, and general biosphere of the planet is even necessary. And indeed that husbandry, the cultivation and understanding of natural systems of the earth, is at this point imperative for our survival is apparent only to the wise of our global realm. 
With the slow death of the bees because of corporations like Monsanto, and a clear attempt of that corporation to cover it up and even accept personal responsibility for it by purchasing bee colonies, thus coving it up as well; it is vital to see that these serious issues be addressed to and by everyone. Obviously ecological disaster is inevitable if the plants and animals of this planet are not returned to some semblance of decent life in their natural order and the same goes for human beings. Therefore it is essential to have bans on genetically modified organisms worldwide, as well as on artificial or foods preserved by chemicals made in a lab. 

However this being virtually impossible for the mass cities of the world means that urban development must be halted, and that already existing cities convert to more ecologically green and self sufficient systems; otherwise mass death will occur, and continue to occur due to blind development and starvation, or because of a global halt on artificial or genetically modified foods. Further, the disuse of nonrenewable energies like gasoline and petrol and the regulated use of patented, but not commercially marketable vehicles will exponentially decrease the number of cars necessary worldwide. And with the use of taxies as a basic leisure job, not only would there be more employed individuals; fewer cars, smaller parking lots, and narrower highways, but there would be a steady niche for graduates of high school. The world can be transformed in this way, especially if those cars become self driving when the economy of the world citizen is in full swing.

In order to recover what has been destroyed, what has been created since the industrial revolution must be deconstructed, but with the existing technological advancements and scientific understanding expounded by an internal understanding of consciousness as a foundational premise. The previous industrial revolution was conducted with blind ambition away from so called myths, but with a general disregard for all interior depth in distinction from surface qualities: phenotypes and genotypes, atoms and electrons; the question is not whether they are real, the question is what is moving them? 
Who is moving you, who you are is who are you? The same force that you are, consciousness is the mover, the player of the videogame called life, of which the ego, the body is but an avatar, and ego a perception. Who you are is the mover of all reality, not just you. All of the plants and animals, the atoms and evens possible to infinity directly interact with whatever consciousness is, and this is very important because consciousness is who and what you really are beyond this individual body and ego. 
There is one most important variable to the restoration and understanding of the husbandry of the earth, and it is the necessary survival of can and able. That one can and is able to restore the earth to natural order and decency, while enhancing the quality at the same time. This is an ideal, but one that is easily possible through networking and the internet, which is why it is important that this book and The World Citizen Constitution be spread, to kindle the brushfires of freedom in hearts of fellow earthlings. 
The establishment of a fourth branch, one with powers granted to them by the people, and having power only at the peoples support, would act as a catalyst for societal control over government, corporations, as well as the application of science and technology. In effect a more perfect union would be established, wherein the people are given authority and control over their own lives, aided by the establishment of wisdom. 

With everything there is a positive and a negative, but this is determined by the context and perspective of its application. Given the context and perspective of the GCE and mall culture, it is not difficult to predict and see the effects of corrupted science and scientific effort today. Just look around you; obesity, cancer, and autism are on the rise, as well as the cornucopia of neurological disorders and chemical imbalances. One has to wonder if these illnesses are naturally occurring or does modern science and the corporations have a hand in humanities gradual deterioration.  

Concurrently, science must be recognized as it is in the minds of many people today: a higher source of knowledge and authority than necessary. This could only be happening either because science is so legitimate that no one can dispute it, or that a majority of people are ignorant. Which do you think is a more logical answer? Regardless the process needs improvement and refinement, and our perspective of it concerning a market economy and its use in a modern society must be reviewed. Instead of throwing every invention into the market willy-nilly, we need to have a more responsible view. Science is only as valuable and sound as the society and perspective utilizing it. When society is a mass of addled sheep, science becomes authoritative, and its application becomes unregulated to the point of ridiculousness. Today, corporate influence of medical science, pharmacology in particular, has gotten out of control, and the effects are obvious. Children are prescribed drugs for culturally contrived disorders like ADD and ADHD is the example of the century. All experience will show that science has its positive and negative regarding the survival of the species, but look around you; has the corporate and military application of science trended towards proliferation or destruction? Yes corporations like Monsanto have been able to make a seed that can withstand pesticide, but in effect it has had a major effect on global bee depopulation. Yes we were able to split the atom, but then know also how many lives nuclear power has ended, but not without great suffering through fallout. Yes, scientific discovery has its advantages, but only when the society utilizing it has a maturity level and responsibility capable of holding it to the highest standards of scrutiny. And indeed this was the intention of the founding fathers to establish an intelligent public capable of self examination and inquiry. Thus it is essential to establish first a wise society, only then can science be a positive force in our lives, and only then can civilization come into being capable of restoring and healing the biosphere. Unfortunately there has been a great clamor from certain political factions to create what could become an environmental dictatorship. Agenda 21 for instance is a U.N. initiative to regulate the environment, and restrict access to a majority of the surface area of the continental united states. The UN biological diversity assessment maps clearly show in red the restricted areas being over half the country, with highly regulated areas in yellow taking up the other majority, and green or normal zones being peppered in here and there, cities residing at the shores of lakes and oceans peppered in as well. With every passing year there are advancements in technology to make a brighter future, but because of the corporate model of society, those technologies will never reach the light of day. Motivated by a profit driven system, the best of our world is withheld because it is not lucrative for business. The premises that guide a select few into prosperity and the majority into poverty are, and have always been a failure with a few exceptions, and not because it does not create wealth, but because it does not create a better world. The slow reduction of energy sources based on fossil fuels, combined with the dismantlement of a commercial society, and construction of a more agricultural society, will inevitably secure independence and sustainable development worldwide. Starting a new society at a reduced level of development will ensure that development thereafter will be sustainable, but also free from corpratocracy. Life simplified to a more natural process of agriculture will be the answer to not only how you feed yourself without a so called job, but will also work as a tabula rasa. In combination with technologies like solar and wind power, a neo agrarian society independent enough to cultivate ingenuity would organize and carry itself into a new era of development naturally.
Cities already developed will be redesigned and reconstructed to be self reliant on energy sources other than coal or fossil fuels on a grid. Public transportation in the form of electric rail systems and taxi services will result in fewer cars, more transportation, narrower roads, and less pollution. Further, the redesign of buildings to be more so called green, would also be implemented; with less concrete structures, designed with fractal principles in mind, the cities of a civilized society will resemble nature and natural structures rather than rigid grids of concrete and metal. Possessing and transcending the developments of the previous millennium, refining their use to be more sustainable and responsible for the environment, and making their use and distribution mostly social, the developments of civilized culture would resemble organic growth rather than artificial cancer scaring the earth. Indeed the projected life and prosperity of civilized people would resemble that of the Native Americans, but with high technology.

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Chapter 6 Why the world citizen

The deposition of the global corporate empire can only be affected with an entirely new system of governance, and an entirely new premise for culture and society, one that is comprehensive enough to eliminate the power structure that has existed for over millennia, and which has fully developed in the 21st century. World peace and prosperity will be the result, but only with much toil and effort will a paradise on earth be cultivated. Nonetheless it will be voluntary servitude for the pursuit of happiness instead of involuntary labor for the pursuit of stuff.
The world citizen resembles no other system of government to date, yet it resembles bits and pieces of civilizations throughout history. Citizenship being an earned right of a contributing member of society for instance, is a relic from Egypt, but different from Egypt, citizenship will act as the first half of the exchange process, and as a kind of taxation in this sophisticated version of societal organization. When one has become a contributing member of society, they have earned the rights of free food and water, clothing, shelter, transportation, information and education, medical care, and so on. Because one must choose to be a citizen, the service to society is voluntary, and this necessitates the active participation of everyone for the system to exist at all.
People outside of this system however, would be respected and regarded much like the Amish have been in America, and would still possess the inalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that all beings commonly share. However the system would be set up so that anyone can begin contributing to society and request evaluation to become a citizen at any time, and a citizen can at any time relinquish their citizenship and return to personhood. That being the case, a new form of freedom and dissent can be implemented; causing the system to be far more fragile, yet far more secure it is liberty. 
Utilizing a capitalist model, but redefining the profit motive to be observable human benefit, the system itself is driven by the quality of effort put forth by citizens. In other words, effort itself is the currency of this societal model. Concurrently, individuals would be evaluated and paid by the observable benefit they provide to society--whether that comes in the form of creativity, science, invention, or agricultural endeavor, but really it is up to society to determine what is valuable. And utilizing the internet for instance, society will determine a musician’s success through opinion rather than having to buy a CD, but people will still have to purchase tickets for live shows. By doing this the commercial music industry will be bypassed as a middle man, and all art and music can be free for everyone to share and distribute. 
Other developments of a free society like the freedom of information regarding government would allow for more scrutiny of government, and a more democratic culture. Unable to label information secret because of the abolition of war, government would be less likely to develop corrupt tendencies because of the inherent difficulty of complete transparency. That is the name of the game in this version of governance, not only is it a choice to be a citizen, but the government itself is conducted in complete transparency.  
The abolishment of taxation, as well as fiat currency, would make the monopolistic monetary institutions of the present world irrelevant. Doing so would relinquish the corporate control over the purse strings of government, restoring proper order to mankind and her destiny. 

Creating regional markets out of the grass roots of local markets, the world citizen promotes the continuity of sustainable resource distribution. Rather than dependence on a petrol-based economy where goods must be transported to markets using vehicles, the local markets alone will inevitably provide necessities like food through vertical gardens and public farms. Very rarely would it be necessary to transport frozen or chilled foods, so the use of trucks would be all but phased out until an alternative to petrol based transportation can be adequately developed. A public taxicab service will be administered to the public, the benefit will be that every car not manned already will be available for free access, and can either be used as a regular car or one can use it as a taxi via a computer in new cars that accepts a card to time your taxi record. Personal ownership of cars may only be possible for historical cars, and that could be done either through barter or by services rendered, and all cars before 2012 will be called historical. Either way one has to insert a card to use the car eventually--when the system is in full swing many differences in technology and design will have been made--, however the freedom of all cars to citizens as a right is a foundation for freedom and would require fewer cars, and less sprawl overall. Interdependence, facilitated by a government that is programmed to function by input of the society affected by its laws, fosters independence from that government, and ultimately a society secure in its liberties. Conservative notions of the social dynamic of a communal system of government are, like many concepts, misguided by experience rather than being open, and accepting of a new version. The interdependence of an agricultural society, facilitated by human will rather than a state or federal government, is at once more conservative, yet more liberated than any version of organization ever conceived. Rather than relying on a government to fund a program, the People will vote for the program, and when enough votes are accrued, the society itself will provide to itself the needed resources to actualize whatever project the people desire. This alone is what is necessary, not the arbitrary authority of monetary influence, constricting the decisions and potential of any given society. Public decisions are no longer decided by remote corporate offices, but by the people of that area themselves. No longer undergoing the limitations of a monetary system that measures wealth, like seconds are used to measure time, money is an attempt to limit and therefore categorize wealth, which is in actuality the riches of this planet, something potentially infinite given mans ability to be creative. The civilization described in the World Citizen Constitution is that of an engine for creativity, a catalyst for progress in the dimension of civilization, guided by a wise and critical society. The maturity possessed by civilized society must be the urge of every citizen. Maturity can only be characterized by understanding, by really studying and getting to the foundations of not only the world, but of ourselves. Only with this kind of maturity can a being be civilized, and only with this kind of critical perspective can society even function. Without intense comprehension of reality, one cannot realize the no-ledge of depth of that maturity and its many incarnations. World citizenship is only a promise that can be made by the people of the world, and not by governments. To say that any government represents its people is only right in so far as a people represent a government’s level of indoctrination. However, there is an outcry for peace by the people of the world regardless of their region. And those countries dominated by dictatorial power outside of the GCE, which are seen as dangerous and menacing, are in fact equally decent earthlings all, except for dictators and the cabal of the GCE because of their crimes against humanity.

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Civilization relies on just and tolerant government. With the inherent sovereignty of all human beings as a fundamental truth and practice, the royalty of each individual extends as far as their decency towards fellow sovereigns. With that in mind, government as a federal beast cannot exist to govern the masses because there are no masses, there are only sovereign individuals composing sovereign super-organisms and so on. As long as one is not a threat to others, complete tolerance by the local government and federal government is likewise to be expected. The world citizen government does not consist of a leviathan administering orders to its individual aspects as states and counties. Rather, counties and states are left to do as they will according to their own culture and practice what is just; the purpose of a conglomeration of states is not to administer a definition of justice and liberty for all, but rather to remain idle until there is just cause. A federal action of such government--unless or until called upon by the people and agreed upon by the wise council that such action is indeed necessary--would be for the betterment of mankind to solve a global crisis rather than constraint or administration of freedoms.
Such a government would be like an onion with layers each with a different purpose. The most fundamental and core layer is the individual, and through that layer all others form out of the root. The true tolerance of a sovereign society--and the just application of that tolerance in the form of radical liberation and clemency--is civilized only by the people themselves; it is not the federal governments’ role to administer tolerance, or to administer laws for everyone simultaneously. The continuity and study of global trends, the gradual development of renewable and infinite energy sources, and the safe interaction between differing cultures and regional demographics--the global head of government has nothing to do with the individual, but rather with communication between super-organisms. The communication of resources from Japan to the region of America for instance, could be facilitated by, but not interfered with by an intercontinental standard of operations.

The establishment of the world citizen constitution would be nothing less than the complete overthrow of the ancient world, and the complete inhabitance of the present technological, wise, and intelligent present. A paradise on earth could and should exist, if it weren’t for the influences of a global financial empire, for they are the least among us. Sovereignty in the global united states of the world, complete in its autonomy and yet direct in its unification, will form around it a truly wise or gold society, and through tolerance will inevitably ascend to the starts.
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