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Forum Post: World Socialism

Posted 10 years ago on May 20, 2013, 4:41 p.m. EST by CamilleLouvet (19) from New Haven, CT
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Socialism, perhaps one word among many in our vocabulary which invokes so much fear, dread, and hatred. But why? Maybe because ever since we were little it was drilled into our minds that Socialism is such a horrible thing to subjugate mankind to. Mankind? Or the Western World who has flirted with the ideology of Capitalism for far too long!

My name is Matthew, I declare that my allegiance is with the people, the citizens of the world! My opponents label my a Socialist for this view, if that is the case then I am a Socialist.

I observe the poverty in our cities, where it is staggering beyond 15% while at the same time only 1% makes 40% of the wealth. My opponents label me a Socialist for observing, for having empathy. If this is the case, then I am honored to be a Socialist.

I stand up and declare how no one deserves to suffer without health insurance, even if that means me paying more of my own weight. My opponents label me a Socialist, and if this is what it means, then a damn proud Socialist I am.

I protest to end Capitalism, which enthralls us all to the debt system, slavery, oppression, tyranny! I announce the urge to unite, to bring forth the Republic of mutual gain, respect, service! My opponents bellow out: “Hold there! We are no Socialists!” If this ideology of reciprocity and egalitarianism based upon the emancipation from Capitalism does not sound good to you, then you may label Yourself as the oppressor and I as the believer of the People, a Socialist!

And now I turn to each and every single one of you, and say that I am a Socialist, a believer in the power of the people. And I have no shame in doing so. All power to the citizens of the world!



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[-] 1 points by elation (-32) from New York, NY 10 years ago

Also yeshua told the rich man to sell his riches and give to those who needed it. And did so multiple times throughout scripture, saying that when you have enough give the excess to those who require it. Suffice to say you are in good company for caring about other peoples wellbeing..

And it's not even about just caring about other people. If people get their health problems taken care of, and get access to the education they require. You are going to see a lot more employed people and also jobs because educated people start businesses.. oh man.. what a fucking surprise.., and a lot more kindness to go around. Rather than a few fat cats lording over the rest of the populace, causing massive unemployment, exploitation, low minimum wage and the society operating at 30% efficiency with massive criminal and other socio economic problems as a result.

The rich cock.. i mean koch's just wants their unwarranted luxury life to stay the same at other peoples expense, therefore any philosophy that does not condone sweat shops and condone taking care of people who are in fragile states for whatever reason.. is a threat to their way of life. And therefore labelled as extremist or unamerican.

But what about being a human and caring for your species. I'd say that's a bit more important and i salute you for your post. The strong are supposed to have the wisdom and the strength to protect and nurture the "weak" not throw them under the fucking bus.

How many great minds have america wasted by allowing these ayn randists run the show and believe their ideology that it's ok to waste what could have been great minds, and throw the baby out with the bathwater just because their wallet couldn't afford their full expression.

How many innovation and inventions, culture bearers, and just general promoters of decency towards eachother have you lost in the quagmire of the worship of pure capitalism.. and here's a quick question.. can you afford to keep doing it?

because the randian capitalists outsource your jobs and don't give a shit about the local community or even the nation they are in.. they only care about being as selfish as possible. That's the inevitable outcome of that kind of philosophy isn't that pretty damn clear by now.. it should be!

[-] 0 points by elation (-32) from New York, NY 10 years ago

Look at all the identified carcinogens in gmo and in food and drinks and plastics etc. And then angelina jolie adviced by a doc tells her she's in risk of breast cancer, she's not even diagnosed.. and she amputates both of her breasts on a whim, she wasn't even diagnosed. That whole industry is beyond sick, like a stinking pussfilled lying trillion dollar industry thriving on treating long term illnesses rather than curing them.

private business are for profit not for peoples wellbeing.. unless you regulate them way up the ass so far that you touch the roof of their mouth, to ensure that what they're doing is in the publics best interest. And that doesn't happen when they buy out the ones who are supposed to regulate them..

Should matters pertaining to peoples wellbeing be profit driven? If so please give me some great examples of how corporations don't screw over people to get an excess of profits. It's like sending a wolf to watch the sheep.. Baaah help me baaah.. "herpderp, i'm good old gentleman wolf with a snazzy tie.. the sheep is getting the correct treatment, don't run we are your friends!"

[-] 0 points by elation (-32) from New York, NY 10 years ago

But it's not about allowing the dumbing down of society and the causing of illnesses to continue, social programs is the last resort but should be there, but it's just as important to focus on prevention of medical issues. NOT as in not funneling money to the corrupt medicinal industry, but to get rid of the gmo and the other poisonous things in our foods and drinks and other such things. And actually directly attack the medical industry, because it definately needs an adversary with the absolute shit it puts out causing more problems than it solves.

[-] 0 points by elation (-32) from New York, NY 10 years ago

They try to say that if you care about peoples wellbeing you're a socialist or a communist, trying to put you into a category.. obviously it's not about being a hardcore socialist or hardcore communist but about taking care of eachother via social programs and taking care of those not fortunate.

BUT.. it also means programs like free education and healthcare, and why do they hate it and try to label you a communist or hardcore leftist socialist for saying stuff like that? because it breaks their entire master peasant system, see if people even poor people can be educated, then the most competent and best intentioned end up running the show.. and the powers that be end up working for them..

Rather than the rigged game that is called capitalism and free markets.. which are completely rigged and the wealthy stay on top because they can afford everything to keep them healthy and well educated. Whereas the middle class and the lower class have so little financial mobility that they will never rise above their current status. Save a very very few, who are then subsequently bought up by the capitalists..

Randian capitalism is like a poor person playing poker with a billionaire who doesn't give a shit about your suffering and will take you for everything you have. And if you start winning he'll just buy you out. Aswell as try to crush out actual innovations that threatens his endeavours and interests.