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Forum Post: World Inc. on the brink of bankruptcy?

Posted 8 years ago on June 29, 2012, 2:21 a.m. EST by benjamin (3)
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Actually not a question mark, but an exclamation point should be at the end of this title. It's more than obvious that World Inc. is functionally and financially incompetent. It's desperately trying to solve whatever is there still possible to solve, even if what it created is really nothing. Pieces of paper with numbers printed on them, without any real value, just like World Inc. itself. Even though defenders (profiteers) of World Inc. are still preaching and lecturing us that this current situation is a temporary crisis, that everything will pass and things will go back to where they were, we have to finally accept the fact that World Inc. is a mostly a completely failed investment and that any further investing into it will make our situation even worse.

Why? Because World Inc. works destructively, because it produces harm, trades with injustice, sells lies, breeds irresponsibility, doesn't offer mankind a meaningful goal and because it has no future. We put technological development before biological, economic growth before everything else, industrialization before nature, materialism before humanism, monoculture before biotic diversity, extermination before preservation, money above human beings, greed above reason, "to have" before "to be".

We -- the beneficiaries of this kind of world -- should have realized a long time ago that it can't go on like this forever. But obviously we don't get it. We don't jump to conscious action from empty talk. Even worse. We want to keep living in this unbearable situation despite all the warnings that nature is already sending us. Does nature really have to punish us and prove to us that not World Inc. but Nature is the real ruler on this planet, the right direction for survival?

Let's let World Inc. -- this harmful experiment -- fail. Let's build a new, better world that won't think and act like an irresponsible conglomerate but a socially and environmentally responsible organization. A solidary planetary community that will benefit everyone and whose goal will be to pioneer to a higher level of civilization. We must create a world of planetary community. A world of ecohumanist values -- humanity, social justice and ecological responsibility. A world that breathes with nature. Please take your time and read about what I write. Get to know the ecohumanist world and advantages that a planetary community brings to us all. For a moment, enter the world with a future and you will see that an ecohumanist world is much closer to you than our self-destructive World Inc.



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[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 8 years ago

It's less than two hundred years since the beginning of the industrial age. '

It's not like we can't just up and leave this system, and go back to collectivism. The hard bit would be convincing our children that it's what we have to do, to protect the future for their children. ' The oligarchs have the gold, and they have control of the paper money.

Simply take all of your available cash, and turn it into staple foods that can be stored, and leave their system.

Your children will either accept their future, or leave. It's their choice.

This consumerism backed by a fiat economy is so fraught with loopholes, the only winners are the criminal banksters, and their congressional puppets.

The rest of us get to know how to make a dollar stretch further.