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Forum Post: work shelter health

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 14, 2011, 7:10 p.m. EST by idohomework (4)
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I hesitate to aim for the minimum here instead of the max, but it is painfully sad to recognize that we are not even at a minimum of standards. Isn't this a basic minimum for a dignified existence.?

We should all have the means of sustaining ourselves (jobs or otherwise) We should all have a place to live. We should all have a reasonable standard of medical care when needed.

The few people that fall thru holes should be dealt with compassionately by the rest of us, as we are now almost in their place ourselves..

Lets show the world that we drink our own kool aid, How are we going to reform our own society to redress all of the grievances we are bringing to bear?
We have to subvert the system with enough critical mass to demand the attention of our leaders, isn't that what corporations do? Works great for them too, and they get rich! We can do it too. Many countries in the world have dealt with this in very interesting and at the time novel ways. I hear stories of working schedules in Europe that make me want to move there.

Let's demand the right to Live (like in breathe) in our own country, Food and Shelter is not the moon an the stars, except when you don't have it. And I don't want it free, I'll work for it. How about that?



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