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Forum Post: Without This, Major Change Will Be Frustratingly Slow If At All

Posted 6 years ago on May 9, 2012, 10:47 a.m. EST by Changeus (0)
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No matter what your priority for America, unless we end the division and discord among ourselves, little of substance will change. Wealth has divided and conquered our country.We are now biiterly divided over the economy, social issues and ideology. We have to end this division if we are to build needed consensus for the changes we want.

We have to begin focusing on our needs rather than on whose beliefs are superior. We have to begin talking to one another rather than at one another. And we have to build bridges between our differences by seeking to work together on our shared needs as Americans. That means not only talking with those with whom we agree, but also to those with whom we differ. If we fail to do that there will not be sufficient consensus for the major changes needed.

Pundits and politicians profit from speaking to their "demographic" rather than attempting to bring people of differing views together. Books, rallies and other media play to their audiences. Corporations and wealth influence our media, our elections and our opinions. As a result many Americans have come to believe that their path to the good life is through enriching the already wealthy rather than through a more level playing field of opportunity. We must reach these people, not just those who share our own views.

Without sufficient consensus for change, little or no change will occur on a national scale. Without changes to our electoral and legislative processes to make them act in the public interest, rather than for private interests, the erosion of our democracy will continue.

All of this is discussed in the book "America Adrift." It details how we can come together, in a pragmatic, non-ideological way, to achieve major changes to our political and economic systems. I commend it to everyone who wants to see the restoration of our representative democracy.



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