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Forum Post: With "Momentum", comes a greater need for "Guidance"!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 3:08 p.m. EST by LaBruja (8) from Larose, LA
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I 'm in awe of the growth of the movement, and in full support, but am concerned by it's lack of direction! May I suggest a discussion on the "goals" of the movement. If everyone knows "where" we are going, the collective knowledge of the movement will make it easier to find the path needed to be taken. This is my first post so please pardon me for suggesting such a lofty goal! Goal #1: Reclaiming our government "Of the People, By the People, and For the People", and dislodging the current system of "Of the Party, By the Party, and For the Corporations (and 1%)"! Wow, but how do you wrist control from such a powerful foe, you may ask! My response, by disarming them! Well not really disarming, let them keep the guns, just take away the bullets, metaphorically speaking. Think about it. What's their greatest weapon,... MONEY, "The Gun"! We can't take that, that's wealth redistribution and goes against everything that made US what we are! So let's pay attention to the "Bullets"! First there is the standard issue rounds, everyone can get thier hands on, known as campaign contributions. Then there are the armor piercing rounds, prefered by corporations and the 1%, commonly known as lobbyist! Might I suggest that the path to attaining Goal #1, is to demand the banishment of all lobbyist from our system of government! I know, only half of the map, but the answer to campaign reform I must leave for greater minds than mine. I don't have the answer, but believe, WE DO!!!!



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