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Forum Post: With liberty and justice for some

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 7, 2013, 1:31 p.m. EST by brightonsage (4494)
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I can't even document all of the instances of people advocating all of the right things. That is a long list.

We want everybody to be free from violence. We want employers to treat employees fairly. We want our kids to be educated. We want our enemies to be convinced that they shouldn't try to destroy us. We want businesses to give us fair value for our money. We want everybody to refrain from interfering in what we do in response to what we believe. We want to be able to express ourselves. but just not for everybody. We want everybody to be able to vote. We want to be protected by different levels of government, not by roving bands of armed thugs. We want pure water, pure air, pure food and medicine that fixes problems without causing worse problems. We want safe transportation. We don't want people dying prematurely because they didn't get timely treatment, diagnosis and advice.

These and other legitimate wants and needs are on the list. But we just can't bring ourselves to accept the last word of that phrase from our founding. That word is ALL.

If you follow all of the legislation for "reform" under consideration from immigration, violence against women, equal compensation, gun violence, and others almost all are hung up on deciding how many people won't get the benefit of it.

Should native American women not get equal protection (apparently the perpetrators are disproportionately white men)? Should we measure our liberty by a standard of gun violence? Or, by the universality of our ability to kill other people expeditiously? Do we benefit by educating everyone who lives here? Or do we need a permanent underclass living among us? Do we convince our enemies not to meddle with us by attacking an innocent neighbor and making an example of them? Should banks and financial institutions be guaranteed the ability to steal from their depositors and their borrowers to make up the loses from stupid investments? Shouldn't we have an agency regulating businesses who have demonstrated the willingness to use fraud, counterfeiting, coercion and other forms of harmful practices?

Since the value of civilization has been totally vindicated, should we subject our children and each other to propaganda that is completely anti civilization, which is the equivalent of yelling fire in a theater?

I could go on and you are welcome to do so. But why can't we stop limiting liberty and justice, the vote and financial equity from being available for ALL of us? Various forms of underclasses in our society and privileges for a few is not beneficial to ALL of us. So, why should we settle for it? Call it out. Challenge it.



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