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Forum Post: Wisconsin Unions Shoot For More Obedient Boss

Posted 3 years ago on Jan. 17, 2012, 8:04 p.m. EST by Ninetyninenot (-57)
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Wisconsin government workers were outraged by the actions of their boss, Governor Walker. So, in classic union form, they set up a recall campaign to simply have him replaced with some more compliant. See, this is part of what's broken when public employees can use their role as citizens to vote themselves their own boss. Unions are supposed to negotiate across the table, but not own both sides of the table at our expense.

Sadly, government unions and their employees have become relentless advocates for bigger government and tax increases, not for any benefit as citizens, but merely because they work there. They talk the talk of sticking it to the Man, but all they're really doing is sticking it to their neighbor that doesn't happen to work for government.

Government should exist for its people, not just its employees. Wisconsin is now a test of this important principle.



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