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Forum Post: wisconsin NOW

Posted 6 years ago on May 29, 2012, 10:51 p.m. EST by ericweiss (575)
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We're one week out from Election Day in Wisconsin.
We're tied in the polls.
We can win this thing -- but we can't do it without your help. Join DFA Chair Jim Dean and We Are Wisconsin Executive Director
Kristen Crowell for an Emergency Strategy Session this
Thursday, May 31, at 7 p.m. Eastern to learn how you can put us over the top.

Right-wing Gov. Scott Walker and Republican Super PACs
are outspending us on TV thanks to an unlimited supply of
huge corporate contributions.
But after blowing tens of millions of dollars on sleazy attack
ads trying to tear us down, we're still tied in the polls.

They have big corporate money, but we have people power.
Please join us this Thursday, May 31, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time to hear how our people-powered campaign is going to win in Wisconsin. Thank you for all that you do. Michael Langenmayr, Director - Democracy for America GO HERE TO BE CALLED AT 7PM: http://democracyforamerica.com/activities/783?akid=1993.2033938.QVh7wc&rd=1&t=1



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[-] 2 points by freehorseman (267) from Miles City, Mt 6 years ago

If you blow this one the Jig is up.Best of luck I hope you can kick his sorry ass out.

[-] 0 points by foreeverLeft (-264) 6 years ago

And union power! Don't forget the unions!