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Forum Post: Will a DOJ Indictment of GOP Daddy Whorebucks Sheldon Adelson be The October Surprise?

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 4, 2012, 4:56 a.m. EST by frogmanofborneo (602) from New York, NY
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n a recent development in the ongoing lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp, for the wrongful discharge of Steven Jacobs, onetime President of Adelson’s Macau casinos, it was revealed that Adelson’s attorneys may have lied repeatedly to various authorities in China-Macau and in the United States. The lies, which were probably criminal acts, covered up even more serious criminal violations in both countries.

Adelson’s attorneys presently are trying to put their best face forward lie their asses off to Nevada District Judge Elizabeth Gonzales:

On June 28, Judge Gonzalez convened a hearing on the matter.

“Mr. Peek, I’ve got a question,” she began, addressing the Holland & Hart lawyer who had read Jacobs’ emails on Kostrinsky’s laptop.

“Why didn’t somebody tell me 11 months ago or so that the Macau Data Privacy Protection Act wasn’t going to be an issue because somehow the document had already gotten to the U.S. and geez, it was by mistake.”

Brad Brian, a lawyer for Las Vegas Sands’ Macau subsidiary Sands China Ltd., told the judge that the transfer of Jacobs’ files was “in error, it shouldn’t have happened.” It was only in late May, after months of talks with Las Vegas Sands lawyers, that Macau agreed the documents at issue, which were already in the United States, could be turned over to the Nevada court, Brian said.

Gonzalez reminded the lawyers that she had been told for months that it was not possible to negotiate directly with Macau authorities on their privacy concerns. “Nobody thought to say, ‘Gosh, Judge, we’re already talking to them because we screwed up and took this information we weren’t supposed to and we’re trying to see what we’re supposed to do now?’”

“In hindsight, if you could roll the clock back, there’s no doubt that it would have been better to advise the court of that,” said Brian, whose firm Munger, Tolles & Olson was brought into the case earlier this year and was not involved in the initial decisions on the Macau documents.

In a court filing, Las Vegas Sands lawyers detailed other instances in which the company transferred data from Macau to the United States without review by local authorities. These included five other company employees whose records might be needed for the federal investigation and data that was used by another outside law firm working for the company.

Two months after Jacobs’ attorneys delivered selected documents copied from his laptop to federal investigators, he reported a burglary at his Florida home.

According to a police report, Jacobs told investigators that someone had stolen a computer hard drive from its hiding place inside a coffee maker. Jacobs said other files were missing from a plastic crate near the door of his apartment.

Jacobs told the police nothing else was taken.

The coffee maker was sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for DNA testing.

The case remains unsolved.

That the Federal government has an intense interest in Adelson’s Macau activities was revealed in a report compiled by the University of California and PBS‘s Frontline program, back on July 16th:

Federal investigators are looking at whether the payments violate the statute because of Alves’ government and political roles in Macau, people familiar with the inquiry said. Investigators were also said to be separately examining whether the company made any other payments to officials. An email by Alves to a senior company official, disclosed by The Wall Street Journal, quotes him as saying “someone high ranking in Beijing” had offered to resolve two vexing issues — a lawsuit by a Taiwanese businessman and Las Vegas Sands’ request for permission to sell luxury apartments in Macau. Another email from Alves said the problems could be solved for a payment of $300 million. There is no evidence the offer was accepted. Both issues remain unresolved.

According to the documents, Alves met with local politicians and officials on behalf of Adelson’s company, Las Vegas Sands, to discuss several issues that complicated the company’s efforts to raise cash in 2008 and 2009.

Soon after Alves said he would apply what he termed “pressure” on local planning officials, the company prevailed on a key request, gaining permission to sell off billions of dollars of its real estate holdings in Macau.

Las Vegas Sands denies any wrongdoing. But it has told investors that it is under criminal investigation for possible violations of the U.S. anti-bribery law. Adelson declined to respond to detailed questions, including whether he was aware of the concerns about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when he directed payment of the bill from Alves’ law firm.

The documents depict Adelson as a hands-on manager, overseeing details of the company’s foray into Macau, which is now the world’s gambling capital.

Adelson was put on prominent display in the US media this past week, as he was depicted as a top organizer of Mitt Romney’s appearances in Israel, particularly at the Monday morning fundraiser at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. As I wrote about that event a couple of days before it occurred:

Nobody in Jerusalem is going to be stoning and booing Romney on his way to or from the King David. While he’s there, he will probably shake hands or even hug a billionaire under investigation for allegedly bribing Chinese officials in Macau by both the State of Nevada and the U.S. Justice Department, and a smarmy thug who was part of an espionage ring that stole nuclear devices and other nuclear bomb materials from the United States late in the last century.


Obama’s campaign will not counter Romney’s secret King David fundraiser with a press release or campaign ad that messages “Romney Follows London Gaffs with Fundraiser at Hotel Zionists Bombed to Kill Brits and Meets with Macau Crime Boss and Former Spy Against the USA.” None of that will be brought up.

It is not allowed.

Sure enough, none of the MSM stories about Romney at the King David alluded to the 1946 bombing, to the ongoing investigation(s) of Adelson for serious crimes, or to Netanyahu’s past as a member of an espionage ring that stole U.S. nuclear secrets and materials.


What would be the result of the indictment and arrest of the GOP’s Daddy Whorebucks in September or October? If the Justice Department presented the case carefully and honestly, it might actually influence not only the presidential election, but possibly several close House and a few close Senate races.

What do you think?




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