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Forum Post: Why we must Go Home, Get Online, Educate & Act!

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 6, 2011, 6:33 p.m. EST by CanuckOccupier (0) from Victoria, BC
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The initial success and public support of the Occupy movement has been registered and recorded. In order for momentum to continue and increase, the movement must become more purposeful and efficient. For better or for worse, the "Powers that be" only respect the bottom line (PROFIT, Elections WON/LOST) and in order to be truly effective, we must act regularly to INFLUENCE that PROFIT; act to INFLUENCE those elections!

Masses huddled in the cold serve little purpose and achieve slight change. It's easier for media, corporations and politicians to marginalize "Occupy" groups as time passes and the public begins to view fractionalized local groups as "them" rather than "us".

The movement needs to develop and grow ONLINE in order to become truly powerful. With a properly organized online presence, the Occupy movement can Educate the general public and Influence how the public acts, both democratically and financially, globally and locally.

The largest single tangible result so far has been the movement of public funds from Big Banks to local Credit Unions, thus rewarding local business and punishing corporations. This must become a WAY OF LIFE in order for Occupy to succeed. The public must become accustomed to educating and communicating with each other to punish those acting against the 99% and rewarding those businesses that act in ways that are desirable.

What we need is a scorecard of Corporate Social Responsibility so the public can quickly judge where they should spend their money and where they should withhold it. Who we should vote for and against. Perhaps a "Wiki" site, with each corporation, politician, media outlet, lobbyist etc graded and held to account for their actions. Only this way can people become educated about the process and Vote with their wallets.

Only by influencing the profit line of these institutions can we achieve the change we desire.



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[-] 1 points by ozgirlost (7) 12 years ago

Very, very practical and ingenious way of really making a difference. Well done.