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Forum Post: Why The West Is Now Under Nazi Rule And Why The Elite Are In Denial

Posted 9 years ago on Aug. 1, 2012, 5:56 p.m. EST by RockTheBoat (8)
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Why The West Is Now Under Nazi Rule And Why The Elite Are In Denial

[Every Time I post one of Ben's reports, my username gets banned, hence the hyphens in his name. That's odd isn't it?! Seeing as Ben clearly has visible contact with the ruling elite, and the ruling elite are who we are trying to stop, and he is reporting on them. You'd think his reports would be more than welcome here. Just sayin'. Lets see if this one sneaks past the radar!]

B-e-n-j-a-m-i-n F-u-l-f-o-r-d, July 31, 2012

A visit to Canada and long conversations with bankers, newspaper editors and others still living inside the “mainstream” story about world events has exposed a deliberate state of factual denial about what is really happening in the Western terrorist states. The editor of a major North American newspaper, for example, made it clear to this writer that he needed to believe the official story about 911 and everything else the Western terrorist governments were saying because the alternative would be to radically restructure a world view he created over a lifetime. The bankers and other “elite” also fervently pushed the truth about things like “global warming based on CO2″ but immediately stopped the discussion and changed the subject when evidence was presented showing it was a fraud. The head of a major medical research laboratory, for his part, made it clear that openly researching subjects like bio-weapons (HIV, SARS, “bird flu” etc.) being spread by the cabalists would mean and end to his research institute’s grants and unemployment for him and his colleagues.

What these highly intelligent and thoroughly indoctrinated Westerners all share in common is a financial interest (jobs, salaries and high social status), a family to support and a fear that openly discussing the fascist coup d’etat that took place in the West would lead to unemployment, poverty and ostracism. However, when certain key words and phrases are avoided (for example by discussing “oligarchs” instead of “cabalists”) it is clear their world view is beginning to fall apart despite their deep personal need to cling to the “official” Western story. They are like loyal lifetime card bearing communists speaking in wavering voices of their loyalty to communism just before the fall of the Soviet Union.

The coming autumn chaos will force people like this to finally confront reality.

The newspaper editor, for example, was, after much discussion, willing to agree that 911 might have been an inside job but that he had trouble conceiving such a massive conspiracy as being possible. However, when he was given the detailed financial historical background (Green Hilton Memorial, the BIS, the lawsuits against the Federal Reserve Board, the fact the Patriot act is nearly identical to the Nazi constitution etc.), he expressed a willingness to start exposing this stuff in his newspaper. This writer has agreed to provide the paper with fact-checkable articles that will expose the cabal. If all goes well, systematic exposure of the financial fraud behind the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank etc. will begin being published by this paper starting in September. At that time, the paper will be named and links to the articles will be sent to readers. However, the editor of the paper may find that “pressure from above” may force him to back-pedal on his offer to help expose what is really happening.

The head of the medical research team, for his part, promised to discreetly check from a scientific standpoint, if it was really true that SARS and other recent diseases were man made bio weapons. However, he may find that too much diligent research will lead to a visit from alphabet agency heavies or from the people controlling his grants. We shall see. This award winning researcher and his team were one of many who had their funding cut off in recent years until they agreed to stop further research into life extension. Instead he is now being forced (by fear of losing financing) to do research into diseases that will require expensive drug therapy to “treat.” If his team can find alternative funding he says they will go back to life extension research.

The bankers were a harder case to deal with but they did admit that rampant greed and incompetence has thoroughly imperilzaed [imperialized] the entire banking system. They also expressed surprize that mass arrests of prominent bankers had not begun. Until that happens, they said they will continue to “follow the money.”

One thing that all these highly educated and intelligent “elitists” showed is that as soon as the ultimate source of money in the West changes, people with a strong financial interest in the status quo will change their stripes overnight. In other words, they will change their worldview or at least their public worldview to suit whoever controls their paychecks.

That is why the current ruling cabal is doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent the control of the creation and distribution of Euros and dollars to be taken away from them. They know that as soon as that happens, the entire house of cards they have built up will collapse. They will continue to fight, kicking and screaming, to preserve the status quo until the very last.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, denial is not a river in Africa and the unavoidable fact remains that the historical rights to most of the world’s gold (the ultimate basis of the BIS and central banking in the West) do not belong to the cabalists who have been using them. Even if the Western central banks say they are no longer on a gold standard, they still do not have money because the Western countries as a whole have been borrowing from the rest of the world for the past 30 years. The line of credit that made this possible is now drying up and many Western countries have come to the realization they no longer make very much actual “stuff,” they can use to trade with the rest of the world.

In other words, the vast majority of the world’s money that is backed by physical reality (real estate, factories, commodities, manufactured goods) is no longer under their control and that their fraudulent derivative money is being shunned. The 150 nation BRICS alliance is holding almost all the cards now.

The best available intelligence at this point still indicates that this autumn will be a time of major change. The entire Western financial system may be held together with duct tape and rubber bands until the regime changes expected in China and the US in November. However, there is a big September financial deadline that may force changes sooner than then.

Next week this writer will be back in Asia and will be meeting with Chinese and North Korean officials and will report on these meetings. The Chinese have already said that new North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was “getting too big for his boots.”

There will also be detailed discussion on the nature and history of the Japanese secret society known as “yatagarasu” or the three legged crow based on information obtained during discussions with members of this group in Tokyo and Kyoto.




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[-] 1 points by marvelpym (-184) 9 years ago

I don't like the sound of these 'ere boncentration bamps.

anybody get that one or is it too obscure?

[-] 1 points by RockTheBoat (8) 9 years ago

Alright...I'll bite...

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

I dunno. Starting to lose faith in Ben, but maybe it's just my impatience.

I'm willing to give him till the New Year, though.

psst. are you who I think you are? ;-)

[-] 1 points by RockTheBoat (8) 9 years ago

;-) among several others. You don't know it, but we've spoken a couple of times today. Anonymity is my new normal. I've had a little bit of time today and spent it enjoying your posts, Mr. 53 year old 'gifted learner' from St. Louis City, Missouri.

I hadn't seen you in a while, but maybe that's because I'm not posting as often.

I feel the same way about Ben. Have since the beginning really, but I continue to listen...albeit cautiously.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

You and your damn aliases! Anonymity and RockTheBoat. How appropriate! How are things, Leynna Renaye Sovaye? I've actually been absent for a few weeks, up until a couple days ago, so that's why I haven't been posting. The distractions of summer, heh heh.

How's that noble business going? Hopefully well. I was unaware of glutens completely until I read an article on the Natural News website a week or so ago. You telling me about your problems with it piqued my interest. I've been paying a bit of attention to processed foods lately, since it's become way too much a part of my diet after my mom died in '08. She was essentially a paraplegic, couldn't feed herself, bathe herself, etc. so we were taking care of her (I absolutely would never put one of my relatives in a retirement home). I'd cook for her so we ate pretty good. But now, . . . okay, long story short: I'm becoming convinced that the reason I've felt crappy so much in the last few years is probably due to processed foods. As you well know, half the shit we're forced to eat is essentially poisonous, so I'm becoming aware.

As for Fulford, I'm still hopeful. That incident recently about the stolen bonds seemed to be right on, and that's what made me think he's credible.

Hey, if I don't answer you back, it's because I signed off. I actually did already, checked my e-mail, VC, then decided to come back here for a minute. Wouldn't you know it, I log back on and have two people to respond to, you and ZenDog, two people that help keep this site vibrant and alive.

[-] 1 points by RockTheBoat (8) 9 years ago

That's just awful about your mom. I'm sorry she and you had to go through that. I can relate. My dad is basically a paraplegic right now. He can feed himself, but that's about it. He used to be a Judo Master and Master Machinist in Sweden. When we came to Canada, we had several family businesses through the years. Now he's like a little boy. Ugh...life! Bittersweet. The words from a movie title from years ago come to my mind every time I think about the cycles of life. It starred Daniel Day Lewis, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin. It was called "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being".

Well...ahemm...back to business!

The business model is going steady. Time-line sucks though. You know how it is...everything takes twice as long as you've scheduled for. The gluten free food items, the location, the suppliers, the name, the motto, have all been chosen. The business plan is complete That's the easy part. The hard part is getting the legal framework for the "social fairness" outlined with lawyers, and of course, the biggest task at the moment is lining up an investor(s). This is the hurdle I am at, at the moment. It will be interesting to see if I can get an investor in this economic climate. If my local lenders aren't lending, I'll assume they know war is about to break out...in which case, I'll pitch the business and head for the hills ;-) KIDDING!! No, if I can't get an investor, I'll just start smaller.

Just about anything in a can or a box has gluten in it, not to mention a cornucopia of other poisons and neurotoxins. More and more is coming out about the toxicity of wheat. Guess who is the major owner of the wheat industry? Give up? You got it. The Rothschild Bankers!! Wheat was supposed to be a temporary solution during war times to feed populations cheaply. But the banksters saw M-O-N-E-Y. Make money selling the crap to the people, watch them get sick and diseased, then make money selling the people pharmaceuticals. Not much has changed since the Indigenous were screwed over. Anyone who tries to take on the wheat board usually ends up being mighty sorry. Ahhhh....I just wanna smack someone !!!

My...I'm in one hell of a mood today, aren't I ?! Hahaha !!

I've read volumes of info on gluten intolerance and celiac. Bottom line is, whether people are sick or healthy, doesn't matter. When people go gluten free, they just feel a whole lot better.

Meanwhile, I post when I can. I miss the forum. I didn't know how much OWS had gotten under my skin until I had to pull myself away from it. As much as I miss you guys, its been well worth it. Sigh..."The Unbearable Lightness Of Being", because my commitment to my business model is part of what OWS is about. Sharing the wealth. So its all good!

Next time, you take an extended break...you uhhh...wanna give us the heads up !?! Didn't know whether you were gone for good or not !!

[-] 2 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

Yeah, watching what age and time does to people makes me think, if there is a higher power, he's (she's? it's?) a cruel entity indeed. It's a cold cruel world is not just a cliche, but a reality. But, like I was telling family at the time, as hard as it is, just about everybody that's ever lived has to deal with it at some point. She was one of my best friends and the worst part, really, was her mind was sharp the whole time. Knowing what's coming, but can't lift a finger, literally. Ah, but before I get emotional . . .

Keep me posted on your biz as it develops. Wish I had the resources to help you out, but who knows what the future holds. If there's anything i can do non-financially to help you out, maybe some of the more mundane things, let me know. I definitely have some time on my hands right now. I'm not surprised about what you found about wheat, both the toxicity and who's involved. For some reason it made me think of a definition I came across in a dictionary, I think 1700's maybe, that described OATS as "a grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people." I'm not implying that oat back then was toxic but it does give you the mindset of the elite and how they feel about the "commoners:" Fuck 'em. Feed 'em horse food." You know the goal of all these entities, big-ag, big-pharm are more interested in keeping us sick and dependent on their lucrative businesses than doing the right thing. It's a twisted society that puts naked self-interests above right or wrong.

Your mood is justified. I like it. And I'll try to keep you informed about any future absences, but it's never a planned thing, of course. It just happens. I did almost e-mail you, though. Which reminds me . .

You have a PM. It's a quicky.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 9 years ago

Sorry for butting in - and I hope you can forgive me - but I saw your comment - and I agree - this world is a stone cold bitch at times the hunger disease violence aging death.

Please people forgive me for saying this but it is my true belief.

God has not pushed the reset button on this world and he has left us alone to do "OUR" thing - all this time.

Why a sane and rational person cries out.

Well ( In my opinion/understanding ) - We ( humanity & all life on this Planet ) were not God's 1st creations. It is "my" belief that we have been left to do our own thing without interference to prove the point that man mankind humanity can not govern man mankind humanity. Prove to who? His 1st children/creations. He is letting them see that no matter what humanity does no matter the government and no matter the technology - imperfect people ( having sinned - apple garden snake ) can not rule themselves as was the challenge Satan threw down in front of God and all of Gods creation.

So again I apologize - not everyone believes in God or any sort of religion and many have many other beliefs.

I felt compelled to share my thoughts and hope you can forgive me for sharing my thoughts on this incredibly difficult subject.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

No apology necessary, DK, you know I respect you comments and opinions.

What you say could be entirely true; after all, we're a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos. I'm sure he's (?) a busy, busy God. That's why it cracks me up when people thank God for helping them win something as mundane as a football game. Yeah, God's a Packers fan.

With me, the jury's still out, in regards to whether I believe there is a higher power and it stems from one incident. Up until then, I was a firm disbeliever.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 9 years ago

Thank you for your understanding and your gracious allowance for my intrusion.

God - He/She? Funny when I was a child in Sunday School our teacher asked us kids to draw a picture of God - every one was drawing different concepts of a strong man some old some not so old - I drew a picture of a field of grass waving in a breeze there was a blue sky bright sunshine and some small cottonball clouds.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

Always thinking outside the box. Interesting that all the other kids drew a man, which is what we've been programmed to see, but you didn't.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

neither does islam

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

I thought their deity was a man as well.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

no \ that's why they become upset when god is represented with an image of man

god is the universe which includes much that is not human

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

I stand corrected.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 9 years ago

For some reason it just felt right. I had no idea what to draw and I came up with that - funny - Huh?

Anyway as per forum I guess that I should not continue this conversation - though I have enjoyed it.

Thank you.

[-] 1 points by RockTheBoat (8) 9 years ago

Ok gn!

If you don't mind my asking...was it ALS (Lou Gehrig's). If its too personal a question, just tell me to shove off, I'll understand.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 9 years ago

heh heh heh.

Sorry it took so long to respond. I logged off shortly after that reply and was over reading a few pages of "Inside the LC." What a spiderweb, and the government connections are eye-opening.

Actually it was some kind of "degenerative nerve disease," according to the doctors, that started in her legs and slowly worked its way up over the years. They called it "neuropathy" as it that was an actual disease. When I went on line and did some looking around, apparently neuropathy is a catch-all phrase that basically means, "we don't know what the f-- is causing it." Big surprise, huh? Not the fact that they didn't know the cause, as you know neurology is basically still in its infancy, but the fact that they slap a label on it to pacify the family.

But, here's the thing. Years before, she had a back operation. Just sayin'.

Here's a kicker, and I don't mind this being on the open forum since the hugely corrupt medical industry is part of our focus. Although I may be completely off-base on this, my dad was put on a blood-thinner that I heard was, and I quote "a lung-specific carcinogen." Coumadin, now called Warfarin. I have to add here my dad was a pipe smoker and he died of bone cancer directly related to lung cancer. Not saying the coumaidin caused the cancer, but who knows? Many smokers live past 57. Coumadin started out right after WWII as, wait for it, rat poison. Coumadin is also one of the myriad chemicals they put in cigarette tobacco.This will come as absolutely no surprise to you, I'm sure.

So, there's a slim, slim chance that the medical profession was at least in part, responsible for both their deaths, or at the very least in my mom's case, making their last years more hell than they should have been.

"First, do no harm."