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Forum Post: WHY the rich do not care about Jobs, US Debt, or Default

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 7, 2012, 9:18 a.m. EST by bill1102inf2 (357)
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The rich simply do not care one bit about anything other than their own Greed.

Jobs, the rich do not care about jobs, this is evident, but WHY? Because that which is not 'produced','mined', or 'created' IN the US, is done so someplace else, AND (and most importantly), the difference is made up via Federal DEBT.

Its a double win for the rich. US GDP has been fully supported by increased 'borrowing' by the FED to offset 100%+ of lost real GDP.

The rich do not care HOW money is brought into existence, as long as it IS brought into existence, they continue to get richer.

They are FOR socialization, welfare of all types, Social Security, government handouts, handups and as massive a debt as possible.


Because it makes them RICHER. They don't CARE if you EARNED your $2000 a month of if the USA GAVE it to you.

When 100,000 people lose their jobs, they see this as good, because that means 100,000 Chinese get jobs at MUCH LOWER pay (more profit) and that the US government will borrow the difference in $$ into existence and promptly spend it.

When jobs ARE created in the US it only helps the 1%ers 50% as much as a job destroyed. One person can afford more stuff but that person gets paid out of profits. If a Chinese person got the job, they get paid 10% what someone in the US gets paid, but someone in the US is still getting the full 100% of the $$$ (its just directly spent from US GOV to US corp).



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