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Forum Post: Why SOPA and its ilk violate out 2nd Amendment rights.

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 15, 2012, 11:21 a.m. EST by toukarin (488)
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Now I am not any sort of expert on these matters, but my understanding of the 2nd amendment is that it allows US citizens to bear arms in order to defend themselves from injustice perpetrated by either an individual or the state.

The idea being that if the entire population is armed, that the govt could not possibly hope to outnumber them...

Now this idea was fine back in the day without modern armies... you know... things like spy satellites and electronic surveillance... the Pariot Act... things like that...

In recent times, the most effective tool to voice grievances and protest against the government... and indeed... the most effective method of effecting lasting change in the political system of any country... has been the use of the Internet (ref: Arab Spring)... i.e. it is the weapon of choice when you want to protest an unjust political system...

I believe that this presents a case where any law which restricts our ability to access the internet and restricts freedom on the internet is a violation of our 2nd amendment rights (in addition to freedom of speech) because it denies us full freedom to access a means of taking action against injustice... it has the potential of denying us access to the 'arms' which we would need to protect ourselves against injustice...



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