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Forum Post: Why should I vote for you? (Part 2)

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 3:05 p.m. EST by SwiftJohn (79)
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Why should I vote for you Republicans? While I'm sure you enjoyed the preceding comments they also apply to you. You claim to be about Law and Order but you presided over the illegal wiretapping, started the questionable wars and turned a blind eye to Wall Street's failures and their impact on main street. You did all this, and more.

For a party of "Small Government" you have overseen some of the largest expansions of the government ever. Thanks to you and your War on Terror the government has more power over our private lives than ever before, more power to tap our internet communications, listen in on our phone calls, trace our cars, more power to track, search and monitor than it ever has. While you may enjoy railing against the Dem's "Big Government" on TV you made the largest security state ever and turned a blind eye to its excesses. Even cheering them on at times.

For example, while you are hot and bothered over the loss of a few hundred million at Solyndra you turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the estimated 30 billion dollars lost to fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan. And you have done little to oversee the billions spent every year on contracting by the security state at DHS or in "intelligence" where it seems programs are kept secret just to avoid being audited and costs never ever go down.

And, when push came to shove and Hank Paulson demanded that you create "Too Big To Fail" you did so. You grumbled yes, but you did so and for a party that claims to believe in the free market you not only propped up Wall Street with main street's dollars you sought to insulate them from their own mistakes by guaranteeing more bonuses and less oversight. Indeed despite initial complaints you Reps now campaign on being "business friendly" and seeking to "end regulations" of Wall Street despite the effort you spent propping them up. This tactic, of course, is paying off and now the dollars are flowing back to you, just in time for the next game.

Its hard to shake the notion, you see, that this is all a game. You suit up, the donkeys and elephants, R's and D's, Reds and Blues, you take the field cry "class warfare" and "Socialism" once every election cycle to get us all riled up. We the people can don our pricey gear, paint our bellies and cheer you on all the while looking at the field where the players are, not the skybox where the owners sit.

At the end of the day, as much as you may say you play for us, stand for us, get bruised for us, the owners pay your salary. And the Geither and Paulson administrations know it. However hard you fight, however fast your stars run does nothing to change that.

Because however we vote, whoever is in place, the owners do not change, nor do the rules. Wall Street is always bailed out, jobs are always lost, "Free-Trade" deals are always fast-tracked, and we who merely pay our taxes and want to go to work each day are pushed further out into the cold to keep the 1% warm.

I wouldn't mind being wrong here. Indeed I would love to know that this is not a game, that serious steps are being taken to address the crippling financial fraud that has so harmed this country and to reign in the 1%. I would love to see a far reaching FBI and IRS probe into the conspiracy of MERS one at least on par with the resources spent on attacking medical marijuana. I would like to see all that grumbling about "Too Big to Fail" put into action and strong moves taken to implement the Vockler Rule and audit the Fed. I would like to see an elected official carry out their promises to reduce government intrusion into our private lives.

But until I see that, until I see concrete steps to address the real problems, I see no reason to look at you two as anything other than monopoly teams whose primary goal is to please the owners and keep everyone else off the field by keeping me afraid of or angry at the other team.

Bot voting your fears only keeps you afraid. Voting your anger only makes you hate neither one is productive. Neither one changes the rules, neither one will kick the owners out of the skybox or end the game. So, until you convince me otherwise, I refuse to play along.

As I said, I do not claim to speak for others but this is what I believe.



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