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Forum Post: Why OWS is Needed More than Ever.

Posted 9 years ago on Aug. 1, 2012, 1:10 p.m. EST by fraudfight (2) from Santa Monica, CA
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We have to fight back against the corrupt 1% bankers, brokerages, financial planners, brokers who have gone about the task very well of robbing us and our kids and our parents of their money. Money may not be everything, so they say, but try living without it.

Try living without it AND try living with the pain, the anger, and the embarrassment that accompanies being ripped off by Wall Street and Wall Street types across America. Live with that for awhile. It is very hard. Think about how hard that must be. I know, as I have lived it with people burned by Wall Street for 23+ years.

We must keep telling Wall Street that in housing, we need a level playing field. In jobs, the same. In education, likewise. Isn't this America? Do we not stand for equality? Well, it applies to more than just the rich Wall Streeters.

But more: Key to OWS, to my mind, has been economic equality and the non-violent voices that will, in time, awaken the sleeping giant as the next depression looms large.

Fairness. A chance to make some bucks on Wall Street without being ripped off. Novel concept? I and others think so. Because the system is rigged. Do you really think that your stockbroker/adviser is putting your interests as an investor first? Don't take too long to say, simply, NO.

We have been fighting and fighting this for years through SecuritiesArbitrationUSA.com. Case by case. State by state. For all kinds of people who were unsuitable for investment recommendations and lied to. And more: churning, negligence, abuse of accounts and of investors, and on and on. The issues do not change much but the people's real life stories do.

I am here to tell you that we need OWS! That we need to build up and tell the story of people ripped off by Wall Street. With strength, victims must overcome the inertia created by the victimization - the combined forces of embarrassment and anger and shame that causes people to do nothing so that Wall Street wins twice. First they have the Main Streeter's money and then the victims fails to fight back so, as I say, Wall Street wins twice.

Fight back, burned investors! I am a veteran of securities arbitration. And I say, loudly, fight back. Through securities arbitration you have the opportunity to fight back and win. Free Hotline at SecuritiesArbitrationUSA.com. But, if for no other reason, OWS is needed to let people know that they are not alone as victims. And, moreover, that they really can fight back and win. SecuritiesArbitrationUSA.com. @FightWallStreet



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