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Forum Post: Why Liberals Will Never Be Happy With Their President

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 22, 2011, 5:42 p.m. EST by puff6962 (4052)
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This is a good article from Jonathan Chait, the author of the most important book you can read this year...."The Big Con"......See what he has to say about those who are not brainwashed by Fox News.


Pick up a copy of "The Big Con" at:




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[-] 0 points by tarranttt (20) 12 years ago

The 1% must be laughing at us. As a group we have no idea where we are going: no set policies, no leaders and no goals. He's four:

Impeach Obama: expose his crimes:

In breach of the Constitution and without the approval of Congress he attacked a sovereign nation (Libya) on behalf of the bankers and corporations (i.e. corporate state = fascism)

He bailed out the Wall Street Banks and the FR, thus plunging millions of Americans into debt and homelessness.

He has STRENGTHENED the Fascist Patriot Act, and Homeland Security.
[-] 1 points by puff6962 (4052) 12 years ago

The one percent have no greater friend then people such as yourself.

[-] 0 points by puff6962 (4052) 12 years ago

Russ Feingold. How do we recruit him? Oh wait, you're a troll. Go rent a life.

[-] 0 points by puff6962 (4052) 12 years ago

Sometimes you win a race with a lame horse.

[-] 0 points by tarranttt (20) 12 years ago

Obama a pig!

[-] 0 points by puff6962 (4052) 12 years ago

Where did you disappear to?

[-] 0 points by puff6962 (4052) 12 years ago

George the monkey.....you probably voted for him twice. You probably throw feces at yourself too, don't you Sparky.