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Forum Post: Why doesn't OWS make better use of 21st Century technology

Posted 6 years ago on June 14, 2012, 12:08 a.m. EST by josiah (0) from Queens, NY
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The long-term occupation of a physical location is so 20th centrury. Or maybe 2nd century. BCE. I'm not criticizing the people or their commitment, only their technology (or failure to use it). Consider a single tweet can reach a million people in less than a second. If a tweet suggested that lunch at Wall St was a good idea and just 10% agreed, think what the addition of an extra 100,000 people would do to Wall St. It would paralyze Wall St for a couple of hours and by the time the police had rounded up sufficient forces to deal with the crowd, the crowd would be gone. Flashmobs on a grand scale would demonstrate the power of the 99% and the powerlessness of the police and the 1%. It would make the evening news and advertise how many people are against the rule of the 1% without giving the dinosaurs of propaganda and police power time to get ready to confront, to spread lies and rumors. Use 21st century technology and bring fairness back to America.



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