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Forum Post: Why does MSNBC keep showing the picture of Travon M. as he appeared at age 14?

Posted 6 years ago on April 11, 2012, 11:31 a.m. EST by MikeInOhio (13)
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I'm curious to hear how people feel about MSNBC/NBC's manipulation of the 911 tapes to suit their political objectives. I also find it very odd that they continue to show this young man as he appeared 3 years ago.

FYI- I believe that Mr Zimmerman should have been arrested on the spot and charged with manslaughter.



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[-] 1 points by Phanya2011 (908) from Tucson, AZ 6 years ago

For dramatic effect; I do wish the media didn't feel compelled to make a bad situation worse, but it is what they do. I also think Mr. Zimmerman should have been arrested. I think both of these men should be considered sacrificial lambs to draw attention to the dangers (predicted) of "stand your ground" laws, especially in a culture that permits concealed weapons. We are not enlightened enough as a people to handle such responsibilities.

[-] 1 points by wellhungjury (296) 6 years ago

You have pretty much answered your own questions. MSNBC, FOX, CNN and the others have all been caught manipulating information to sway public opinion. I believe that the more we remain aware of this and educate whomever we can about the manipulation, the better chance we have at keeping these news media in check. Ultimately, it is like being a snowflake in hell. Doubt we truly ever cool down the propaganda machines.