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Forum Post: Why do liberals hate the Koch brothers???????

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 24, 2012, 9:15 a.m. EST by newman (-58)
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Because the Koch Brothers hire thousands and thousands of people and pay them Good Wages. Liberals HATE Employers and Employees. Liberals lay around and wait for their Welfare Checks... Also Liberals hate anyone that disagrees with them



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[-] 4 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 6 years ago


ScienceDaily (Feb. 24, 2010) — More intelligent people are statistically significantly more likely to exhibit social values and religious and political preferences that are novel to the human species in evolutionary history. Specifically, liberalism and atheism.


[-] 4 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

I'm by no means a liberal or leftist, but the koch brothers are trying to influence american politics to a degree that would never have been allowed just a generation ago.

It's an affront to those that work, act, dress, and spend in a modest way (actual conservatives) for these guys to use power and influence to tear apart the american community.

And being that Teddy Roosevelt as the father of modern conservatism (he even started the conservation movement) enacted laws that protected the environment, broke up monopolies, ensured basic workers rights, and started safe worker regulations, and food/water standards, how is it the Koch heads that oppose each and every one of these things could be even remotely considered conservative.

Wouldn't it be more honest for them to crawl back under the libertarian/nihilist rock they came from?

[-] 0 points by Dell (-168) 6 years ago

I hate to have to correct you but Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive not a Conservative by any means. The only true Conservative presidents were Jefferson, Cleveland, Coolidge & Reagan.

[-] 1 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

He's considered a progressive now because that's how far we've gone, what's commonly called conservative today is libertarianism, Teddy believed in conserving the environment.

Heck even Reagan would be considered a progressive for raising taxes 7-8 times and breaking up ATT for being a monopoly. Not to mention shoring up social security through a massive increase in both halves of the SSI tax. But back in the 80's it was about conserving for the next generation, something too many conservatives have forgotten.

[-] 1 points by Dell (-168) 6 years ago

yes I agree - todays conservative should be embracing the Libertarian Party. Reagan raised taxes - yes of course there is a trial and error process involved when adjusting taxes. In the end the net effect of what Reagan left was a massive tax cut from a top rate of 70% to 28% for federal income tax. other taxes as well. corporate etc. Soc sec & medicare - what's the democrats plan. The GOP has put a plan on the table twice in two years & the dems havent passed a budget since Obama too office. What is the dems plan?

[-] 1 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

I believe the Dem and GOP plans are the same, do as little as possible and blame the other side.

Neither side have been working in the best interest of the american people for a very long time, but they do stand up for what's right for their fundraising.

in the 90's we had a tax increase to close the deficit, along with spending cuts. the same thing is once again called for, weather we like it or not. Oh sure theirs a bejillion other things that need done as well, but the largest crisis we face today is one of leadership, and the lack thereof in both parties.

[-] -1 points by Dell (-168) 6 years ago

the taxes in the 90's were tolerable because the economy was so explosive. One we get the economy back on track & perhaps as explosive as it was through the 80's 90's & thru 2007 - perhaps you can skim some off the top. But it wont be necessary because a booming economy brings in more revenue not raising the rates. Deficits are caused by out of control spending not reducing tax rates. There is a sweet spot though on the taxes. Remember - revenue didnt go down with the Bush tax cuts - spending went up on the war & the unfunded prescription drug plan the geniuses passed.

[-] 3 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 6 years ago

You sure throw that hate word around a lot. How about we rephrase that perspective. I hate when aristocratic factions, The Koch Dynasty, the Walton grandchildren and all the other princelings, use their Daddy's corporate empires to expropriate tax revenue, tax credits, subsidies, bailouts and other corporate welfare schemes. I don't know about you, but if I were not one of these corporate welfare queens, I wouldn't be defending them, especially if i heard on a news program the the Koch brothers, through oil speculation, are costing the average American 20 cents on every gallon of gas they consume. But as to the question of whether or not I hate the Koch brothers, I kinda admire them, they got you defending their right to gauge you at the pump, that's funny and clever. You should not mix Hate and politics together; you might do something you'll regret. Peace!


[-] -2 points by Occusuckers (-15) 6 years ago

Not really sure why you are giving advice in the wrong direction. I have never seen such hatred except at gay rallies by the Occupy protesters. You can't be an Occutard and not hate with a passion anyone your Comrades demonize. Just look at the hatred towards Sarah Pallin or anybody rich. I don't know how anyone can live such a miserable existence hating all the time. Then you bow down to those like BO who wouldn't give you the time of day.

[-] 2 points by ErikReppen (8) 6 years ago


Find me ten signs from occupy protesters as offensive or bigoted as the 10 in that top slideshow.

[-] 2 points by ErikReppen (8) 6 years ago

Okay. Liberals either are employers or employees. There are far too many of us to all be collecting welfare - red states actually rely on it more, by the way. There is a difference between the delightful act of sharing and debating opposing points of view and pointing out obvious logic fails that happen in the span of a single sentence. And yes, I do hate you, but not because you have a point of view that makes enough sense to actually disagree with. And certainly not because I suspect you might be particularly successful at something other than sucking dust out of the imaginary teat of supply-side-economics or worshiping people who basically bend you over and screw you every day. That will continue by the way, until you have a world view that could actually sustain scrutiny from a centrist-inclined 9 year-old child. To be fair, you didn't actually express a world view or a position on anything other than absurdly generalized distaste for liberals so I could only assume standard faire on your part.

[-] 1 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

The statement I made about liberals is 100% correct

[-] 1 points by ErikReppen (8) 6 years ago

You make no points, nor do you challenge any of my assertions because all of your "beliefs" have been pre-selected for you and you've never given any of them an honest thought. This country is going down the crapper because of people like you. Not conservatives, but people like you who see politics as joining a team and accepting everything you're told by talk radio hosts and Fox news without a single thought or instinct to check your facts every once in a great while.

[-] 0 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

Fox news is number one in the ratings and blowing all the other away. It is the liberals, Obama admin, unions, etc that is driving our Country to it's knees You need to stay away from huff post, media matters, msnbc, and all the other ill liberal propaganda

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 6 years ago

Because they are involved in writing legislation and are purchasing elected officials.

[-] 0 points by incomeforall (64) 6 years ago

Liberals do as they are told, reasons aren't required. We'll tell you what to think.

[-] 0 points by RedJazz43 (2757) 6 years ago

Liberalism is a long dead movement, for more than 100 years. To characterize both Jefferson and FDR as liberals given the vast differences in their respective perspectives, demonstrates how meaningless liberalism has become as a coherent political philosophy. Personally, I'm a socialist, but I'd agree that that is also a contentious term.

[-] -1 points by Occusuckers (-15) 6 years ago

Its not that. They jump on a moonbat bandwagon to impress each other. They only repeat what they hear from other Occuturds. Its really that simple for the simpletons.

[-] -2 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

It's true

[-] -2 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

In other related news!!! Obama apologizes to Afghanistan for troops burning some Koran crap but he does not ask them to apologize for killing two of our troops

[-] -2 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

Liberals hate individuals that are succeeding in life

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

No...........that's what people like yourself like to say.

Care to pick on Soros?

[-] -2 points by newman (-58) 6 years ago

Liberals hate anyone that is successful