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Forum Post: Why are we, the 99%, so powerful? 18 empowering reasons.

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 28, 2012, 6:33 p.m. EST by Bote (2) from Belgrade, Central Serbia
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Because we are no one’s puppets. We represent no one but ourselves. But we are an epitome of will and determination that can change the society in which we live in. We have no backing except our families, our children, our friends, and most of the citizens in __.

Because we eagerly desire a new, just and reliable society – we desire a better, more humane, and happier world where solidarity is a way of life.

Because we know how to reach that goal and we will do this peacefully, respecting the wishes of all.

Because together, we are wiser, smarter, more talented and more capable than those who claim to represent us.

Because we know more than they do; we inherited the memories and knowledge of thousand generations. We forgive, but we never forget.

Because, unlike them, we do not want to grab the power and keep the power. We want to see that power shared equally amongst the people. We do not believe in power, we believe in wisdom of the people.

Because we know how it can be done: through direct democracy, by making each citizen a real decision-maker, a real participant in discussion of all important questions and law making. All important decisions require referendums, and this can be done via the internet if every household in the country gets a PC and a connection. This is not as expensive as they want you to think.

Because we know that we do not need professional politicians as they are now. We need expert, capable “administrators” – executive administrators who serve the citizens and do everything by the law, not by their loose interpretation of it: administration equals power-authority.

Because all the state officials, including the ones in cities and municipalities are supposed to serve the citizens, not rule over them. They shouldn’t aim to reach those positions just so they could acquire enormous wealth and power through corruption; they are there to serve the people, and for that service they should receive a just material reward!

Because constitutive elements of the state are ALL people and their demonstrated will… the state should NOT consist of self serving institutions.

Because we think that all people, rich or poor, have the right to attend same schools, to have the same healthcare and social protection. That right must be real and tangible, It must not remain in the realm of declarative speeches. The illusion must shatter: there are classes and there is a huge and unjust discrepancy between them. It must not remain as it is.

Because the earth, water, air, natural and mineral wealth of our country should not be owned and governed by banks and corporations. These resources are irrevocable, inalienable property and responsibility of all of us – equally.

Because we know you (the politicians) serve those same banks and corporations, but at the same time you are lying to us that you are serving as our elected officials.

Because we do not see you in the Parliament assemblies or at administrative government meetings. Likewise, we are not able to follow the deals you make over the video phone or in some other secretive fashion.

Because we will not vote for any of you lot, no matter how many times you shed your old skin and wave new flags. We KNOW you! We know what you are up to.

Because we will not let you spend the tax money that you have collected for “your elections” . We will not let you finance the election campaign with OUR money without asking us whether we agree or not.

Because from now on we will STOP delegating decision making and moral power to representatives. We are taking it back. We want to be asked about everything that affects our lives and our future.

Because we are not afraid of you! Because we can change the future you have in store for us!

Because we woke up at last.

Thank you very much 1%

Yours truly,

99% of very interested citizens in __.

Source: http://www.99posto.org/english/why-are-we-the-99-so-powerful-18-empowering-reasons

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