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Forum Post: Why Are Americans So Angry

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 1, 2013, 7:59 a.m. EST by TropicalDepression (-45)
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The land of the free is one of the most aggressive and self absorbed groups on the planet. Too much "rugged individualism" to have a healthy society at this point.

"We are a nation rapidly losing our "why," even our capacity or desire to use it and ask the questions instead of pointing the fingers. Please -- Liberals and Conservatives -- we are steeped in self-righteousness. The Liberals, too, have felt so superior to the less concerned "others" while remaining naive and repetitive and judgmental. We are supposed to invent solutions, not jab each other in the heart so our children inherit and ingest the violence we are giving them as if it was cereal."



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[-] -3 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 4 years ago

16k murders per year, 200k sexual assaults per year. This is not normal.

Or is it?

[-] -2 points by JPB950 (2254) 4 years ago

Sad but it would seem the US is fairly normal in terms of violence. The world wide murder rate is 6.9 murders per hundred thousand people. The US rate is 5.2, most of Europe is lower then the US. For sexual assaults the US actually has a lower rate then many European nations. Less developed nations tend to be more violent in terms of both sexual assault and murder.

I think if you google your topic, you can easily find the same facts I did. The depressing conclusion is that humanity is violent. I don't see how a violent person can peacefully responded to. While I wouldn't want my children to be violent, I wouldn't want them to be so mild mannered that they became victims either.