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Forum Post: Whose planet is this anyway?

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 25, 2012, 5:46 p.m. EST by rayl (1007)
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Who does the earth or better said its resources, belong to?



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[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 6 years ago

The forum-post simply and elegantly touches on something quite profound. I think that it is merely our parochial 'human-centric' thinking which presumes that we are so important for the planet, whereas the probable truth is that The Earth would get along just fine without us.

There is a rather overwhelming international scientific agreement in the actuality of rising temperatures. Even if the US Govt. wishes not to accept or acknowledge the science of major US scientific institutions, such as The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute ( http://www.whoi.edu/ ) or The Scripps Institute of Oceanography ( http://sio.ucsd.edu/ ) etc., internationally the scientists have known for well over a decade that 'something' is afoot. I'm not going to try to argue out the science here but I will pare and factor it down by restricting myself to the following :

The Earth / 'Mother Nature' has locked away VAST amounts of Ancient Carbon in the form of peat, coal, oil and gas. We know that there is a Carbon Cycle just as there is a Water Cycle, but that the time scale of the Carbon Cycle (which includes Geological processes) is much, much longer than in the case of water (simplified here to : evaporation, condensation, precipitation & run off).

Therefore, please reflect as to just how can we as a (self regarding) sentient species, consider that we can bypass the Carbon Cycle and extract huge amounts of carbon based fuels, burn them and almost instantly (in geological time) return this carbon to the atmosphere Without There Being Any Repercussions ?! What is our individual and collective intuition on this matter ?!!

That Carbon Dioxide even tho' it is essential to life via photo-synthesis, is also a 'Greenhouse Gas' is undeniable. The Greenhouse Effect is well understood and without it life on this planet would not exist. We owe our previously relatively stable climate to this and the level of CO2 has been pretty stable at ~ 300ppm (0.03%) for a very, very long time (verifiable from ice and lake sediment cores). However, that proportion has risen in the last 40 years to ~380ppm (0.038%). Further, both water vapour and methane are also greenhouse gases and the level of both will also rise with rising global temperatures. This is termed 'positive feedback'. A Human Influenced and possible 'run away' Greenhouse Effect is empirically, scientifically and mathematically possible, so the question is do we accept or 'believe' that it is happening ?

The atmosphere is but a film above us like 'cellophane cling-film' on a water melon. It's easy to assume that we can have no effect on the vastness of the atmosphere but this is not true. As the atmosphere warms, the dynamic and apparently chaotic but actually relatively ordered 'Climate System', has 'more energy' and will operate at a higher energetic level. Thus, 'The Climate' will be seemingly more chaotic to our perception. We are already witnessing weather records being taken to new levels throughout the world and this matter is not really up for debate - unless there is a truly vast international conspiracy of scientists at all levels !!

Globally, as a species we can feel and detect that 'something is changing' but we may choose to behave like the proverbial 'frog in a pan on a stove' &/or as a 'rabbit caught in a bright light' !!!

Sadly, I don't really think that we will stop either our behaviour or its results in the short or even medium terms. It's now a question of adaptation, however consider this : That 'The International 'Darksider-Sith' Ruling Elites [ICH translation = 'Parasites'!] actually do NOT mind countless hundreds of millions of the rest of us perishing if it means more for them and Less Of Us !!!

The above is compounded by Militant 'Pro-Industrialism' as well as by Religious Nutters - who IF they have belief in 'Biblical End Times' (ie Jew, Christian and Moslem!!) do not think human action can possibly affect The Earth's Climate as 'apparently' only 'God' could do that AND when compounded by the ignorant, those in denial and those who know but just don't give a shit ... well, we have quite a recipe for forthcoming perturbations, to say the least !!!

"Love ; Compassion, Generosity, Balance and Equilibrium" will have to be the watchwords in the future IF we are to survive as a species and realise our true potential.

'tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis' ...

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

Certainly not to the financial elite and huge multinational corporations. These are private tyrannies and command economies.

The earth belongs to the people. How we make use of it must be based on sustainability, local democracy and solidarity http://struggleforfreedom.blogg.no/1320873951_the_society_we_should.html

[-] 0 points by badconduct (550) 6 years ago

God's. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with him.

[-] 0 points by Chugwunka (89) from Willows, CA 6 years ago

What kind of stupid question is this?

[-] 1 points by rayl (1007) 6 years ago

it's about the ownership of a planet. does it belong the beings who live on it or to a small percentage of those beings.

[-] -1 points by owsleader2016 (12) 6 years ago

This planet belongs to Goldman Sachs. They put the OREO OBAMA in power to keep it this way.