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Forum Post: Who Watches the Watchmen

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 5:26 p.m. EST by 4n0n1m06s (0)
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The fact the you, OWS make us sign-up in order to post in threads robs us of our anonymity. In the rules it clearly state these posts are monitored. This monitoring is a moral and ethical decision. The monitors sit above the posters having already decided what is racist and sexist. The monitors have retained their anonymity and are the 1% of this forum.

You create the very dichotomy that you seek to destroy. You have learned only some of the lessons of you need for this movement, but already claim to be the masters of the morality of these posts. If you were ready to lead, you would not have claimed authority over anything.
Step down. Shut Down. It is not over, but you are not ready.
If you feel like you can learn on the fly and correct your mistakes, then quit your petty censorship. Open the forum so that anyone may comment. If it turns into a racist sexist milieu, then yes, the revolution is over. But if you think you can stop that with a rules page, then you are so unprepared for what is ahead I feel for you. Those who seek to control the world are often filled with so much pain. Be well.



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