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Forum Post: who are we really

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 6:36 a.m. EST by myocthisday (0) from Santa Ana, CA
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I have a question may be a little off subject but may be related..... Corparate name brands and Corporate named sports figures......I see all around me general people losing their jobs, homes, and parts of their families splitting up and moving only to try to make ends meet. I met a gentleman the other day, he drives 75 miles to and from work only to make minimum wage, to provide food on the table for his kids. when he has time now to pick up the remote and turn on his favorite sports he is now disgusted over how rich a sports figure gets paid even when that sports figure does not play either that game of multiple games in the year due to being "sponsored" by major corporation..(not to say any names) and he looks at his own life and sees that if he does not go into work 1 day he may be "cut-back." He continues to be away from his family 12+ hours a day now 6 days a week knowing that the next may be his last. Is this what our country has come to. Or is this what the general population must face! Can we change this fact that our system is this corrupt? We the general population the 99% stand strong and will continue to do so until our President (oh wait who was supposedly voted into office to uphold "We the People Of the United States of America") Hears the People are crying for help not dismay and not to be ruled out by "congressional hearing and Lobbying" .



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