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Forum Post: Who are Top all time political donors? 18 of top 20 spots give to Democrats. Koch Bros #59

Posted 5 months ago on Feb. 15, 2014, 1:53 p.m. EST by bricktopp4 (-2)
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Bimbo Friday who leads a daily rage against the Koch brothers, blaming them for influencing political policy, When the REAL money bribing government are...surprise...ALL UNIONS.

The money launderers for the democrat party. Here is the list.




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[-] 0 points by ZenDog (13324) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

now that's a cheap shot, isn't it. Of course it is. Not only are the numbers themselves a bit misleading, so is the fact that the Unions represent far more people individually per dollar than any repelican contributions ever will.

The Citizens United precedent will simply turn your numbers upside down in time, and still the Unions will represent far more people per dollar contribution than . . . the Koch Machine.

But I'm fine with ending all special interest contributions and lobbyists.

You just don't like unions.

Or so you pretend. The cue is in your name of course -

Bricktop from the film Snatch - or so I presume.

So you aren't really advocating for the Koch Machine but rather you are advocating for discussion that opposes the Koch Machine.

I say lets just end the discussion, and get a crowbar.