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Forum Post: Who are the oppressors?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 9, 2011, 7:29 p.m. EST by ForTheWinnebago (143)
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The oppressors are those who want to control and manipulate the coercive powers of State, those who want to game the rules, change the playing board in which the game is played for their financial well-being, often at the expense of the citizen.

The oppressors are those who seek power solely for the sake of power, those who wish to legislate their own twisted version of morality on the rest of us because they believe that they, and they alone, receive absolute truth.

The oppressors are those who believe in an objective view of reality, that this is the way that it is and that there are no alternatives, they have a static view of reality, and wish to enforce that reality.

The oppressors are those who are afraid of change, they are afraid of change because they are amassing financial fortunes from the present, whether or not the means that they are amassing them is irrelevant, because for the oppressors, the ends always justify the means.

The oppressors are those who are hypocrites to the highest extent. The extoll the virtues of the free markets, they claim the supremacy of the free market, they adhere to the religion of the invisible hand, but at the slightest disturbance to their income streams, they will cry to the State for forgiveness.

The oppressors are those who grant forgiveness to those who cry for it, because the oppressors would never want to bite the hand that feeds, they are incentivized to win their next election, their timelines are as short as their insight is shallow.

The oppressors are those who perpetuate the myths that keep the beast alive. They are the story-tellers, the myth-weavers, and the narrative-producers. That Republican and Democrat represent philosophical differences, that an economic system contingent upon finite goods can produce infinite growth, that freedom can be legislated, we are awakening to the lies by awakening to the fact of our own narratives.

The oppressors are those that absolve personal responsibility for problems they have created. It's always someone else to blame, some other organization, some other individual. They wish to break the causal chain of events.

The oppressors are those that think external salvation is coming, whether that be God, technology, or otherwise. The oppressors will never tell you that it is up to you to change things, because recognizing that, recognizes that you have power, and the oppressors do not want to recognize the power of the individual.



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