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Forum Post: While Rand continues to fight imaginary drone strikes , .

Posted 6 years ago on March 10, 2013, 1:41 p.m. EST by lancealotlink (147)
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Elizabeth Warren fights the banks.While the state of Kentucky sufferers from the highest unemployment rate,, and the nation's poorest state per capita the Junior Sen from Kentucky continues to do nothing about it.. Instead Rand goes on a 14 hour rant about what could happen, what might happen, or what might not ever happen. And after feeding his ego to get on the Rush Limbaugh show he declares victory for something that we already knew. The president will not drone unarmed citizens in the United States. Rand Paul is proving to be more of the Don Quixote to Washington DC and thanks to Rand's weakening of the TSA, as Congressman Peter King noted, an actual grade 1 bomb has managed to get through our airports.{I bet you didn't hear that on the Rush Limbaugh] show}.

But while Rand looks in the mirror as he brushes his curly locks and repeats""one day I shall be President of the United States". There is actually a Sen. who is fighting a real enemy, an actual enemy and not an imaginary one. This senator has decided to take on the most ruthless in the most vile and destructive organization that has enslaved the American people since it''s inception. The banks and even though this senator wears the evil communist D at the end of her name she continues to hammer t an organization that continues to operate" above the law". I don't know about you but I certainly haven't seen any drones at my coffee shop but I certainly have seen many American lives destroyed and swept into poverty due to the ruthless greed of the banks.

God bless libertarians there are noble bunch but they actually have it all wrong. You see even though the Constitution is important it was never meant to be interpreted by Senators or Congressmen the last thing you want of these politicians to do is to try to interpret the Constitution. Sure Dr. Paul was it was a Champion of the Constitution.and I'm talking about Ron here not Rand but that's not the reason why he continued to get reelected and remained so popular in his district. The real reason Dr. Paul was so popular within his district was because he brought home the bacon. Dr. Paul brought in massive amounts of pork. He covered his districts back and they in return covered his. So he could continue with his hobby of the Constitution. This is one thing that Rand Paul never seems to understand and that is that taking care of his state should be more important than interpreting the Constitution. Senators were never meant to look at a bill to see if it was constitutional or not, that is not a senators or representatives job. His job is to first and formost lookout for his district and take care of his state and not interpret the Constitution.

The fact being our forefathers set up our system in a way that only very few are able to interpret the Constitution and that would be our federal circuit court judges and our Supreme Court. Who are appointed by our Presidents to interpret the Constitution.Senators and Congressmen were not set up to do that. They were put in place to do what is best for their district and their state. I for one certainly do not want my Senator. Ted Cruz to interpret the Constitution for me, yuck. I want him to do what is best for my state and that goes for all Senators and Congressmen.

Even the president of the United States should not try to interpret the Constitution. The President of the United States first formmost should look out for the American people. And only when you go to choose a president you should keep in mind that he is only qualified to to of appoint those who interpret the Constitution and not to interpret the Constitution himself.

And personally, would rather choose a president who has watched out and taking care of their state rather than trying to interpret the Constitution. That is why I would choose the lady from Massachusetts over the gentleman from Kentucky any day to be my president.



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[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 6 years ago

Drones kill and maim civilians

The study by Stanford Law School and New York University's School of Law calls for a re-evaluation of the practice, saying the number of "high-level" targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is extremely low -- about 2%.


please do criticize Rand Paul for his obvious failures. But please do not act like NDAA provisions and drone strikes are not a big deal.

And yes Liz is pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to her future encounters grilling Bernanke.

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 6 years ago

Thanks for the comment and I respect your opinion.

[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 6 years ago

Where's the anti-war movement? Nationalist rhetoric has cast a shadow over those who oppose war. They smother the brutality of war with the lie of valor. Violence breeds violence. War leads to the rise of extremism.

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