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Forum Post: Which Will Get Us First Economic Collapse Or Environmental Collapse?

Posted 4 years ago on Nov. 17, 2013, 3:36 p.m. EST by greenanarchosyndicalist (85)
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Whether it is through environmental collapse or economic collapse this whole shit house is going up in flames.

"The bankrupt corporate power elite, who continue to serve the dead ideas of unfettered corporate capitalism, globalization, profligate consumption and an economy dependent on fossil fuels, as well as endless war, have proven incapable of radically shifting course or responding to our altered reality. They react to the great unraveling by pretending it is not happening. They are desperately trying to maintain a doomed system of corporate capitalism. And the worse it gets the more they embrace, and seek to make us embrace, magical thinking."-----------Chris Hedges

It's pretty obvious both parties are owned lock, stock, and barrel. Why keep up the delusional rhetoric about Obama and the democrats being held hostage by republicans. Admit that either way the business class get what they want.



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[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago

Libe(R)topians will get us first.

Why weren't they in your list?

[-] -1 points by greenanarchosyndicalist (85) 4 years ago

because it is not just republicans by any stretch of your imagination.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago


By your imagination, libe(R)tarians don't really exist.

Except that they do and they have for a long, long time.

In other news to your imagination, there is only ONE part of the duopoly[sic], that has the full use of this teeny, tiny, little Koch funded, Reagan approved network.

"What began as an offhanded suggestion by Ronald Reagan to Thomas Roe (a member of his "kitchen cabinet") in the 1980s, has evolved into an army of at least 63 state-based groups pushing conservative public policy issues as members of the powerful and well-coordinated State Policy Network (SPN).

Although many of the groups involved claim to be non-partisan and independent, an investigation by the watchdog group, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has found "that SPN and its member think tanks are major drivers of the right-wing, ALEC-backed agenda in state houses nationwide, with deep ties to the Koch brothers and the national right-wing network of funders, all while reporting little or no lobbying activities.""


I'm sure though, that in YOUR imagination, the SPN, like ALEC, is just a well meaning "charity".

Shouldn't you beg your pardon, to go out and start a garden?

Just don't start it on public land in Hamtramck.

Political observation isn't your strong point.