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Forum Post: Whereto flows the Don?

Posted 1 year ago on Aug. 22, 2020, 10:57 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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The U.S. must achieve global verifiable non-proliferation ( Israel and apartheid South Africa were the first to breach in secret; India was the first to breach openly without U.S. tacit acquiescence afterwards; China gave Pakistan the nuclear weapon technology to counter India so Pakistan shortly followed with the Islamic nuclear bombs; Pakistan sold them on to North Korea, perhaps Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, too; this list doesn't seem quite right because "where's the hand of R u s s i a in this mess?" perhaps Russia instead of Pakistan sold nuclear reactor 《 maybe not for weapons { but just the same though if fissile-material diversion occurs } because I suspect that Russia doesn't want nuclear proliferation near its rather soft colicky underbelly 》 technology to Iraq and Syria, and Iran; Israel with its raids has kept the volatile Middle East fairly free of nuclear weapons despite its never-having-signed-non-proliferation-treaty "open-secret" breach to ensure its national survival; Iran is Israel's target but it needs Saudi Arabia's cooperation to stop Iran's nuclear threat; Iran greatly threatens its neighbors《what did Iran do with the unfrozen funds of Shah's regime? are the average Iranians better off now with all that money released by the U.S.? or has it made Iran that much closer to having yet another large-scale war waged against it? didn't Iran have enough of war already in the 1980s fighting neighboring Iraq? is it time again to remind everyone how the surviving through yet another war will feel like? 》--Saudi Arabia included; Saudi Arabia needs Israel's expert firepower to destroy the nearby projects to build nuclear weapons and whip the asses of any successors to the former Soviet Union which had butted in and got its asses handed back rendered, just like people disliking the guns of the police present in their neighborhoods but loving them when a robber who desires to kill the police shows up nearby ) or embark on renewing the aging leg of our nuclear triad, aiming for the extreme accuracy now well in our hands for killing all of the cavemen and their bunkers together within half an hour. ( This won't be a 1st-strike capability--it will just be a modernized 0th-strike capability. The ancient Romans didn't have "zero" but the modern Americans do, e.g. Ground "Zero." )

The Don(river) can either flow into the Sea of Azov to Crimea and on to the Black Sea to Sochi or it can be diverted to flow into the Caspian Sea. Whether nuclear build down or build up happens, "We'll see."

My guess is a melt-up to welcome Z=94 ( Israel attacked or fought both the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. reconnaissance in "secret" so it's unlikely to agree to any nuclear disarmament unless there's a global consent for its role as the policeman for the volatile Middle East; the U.S. policy towards Israel was to calm down its security angst, as manifested in its attack on the U.S.S. Liberty when the U.S. was greatly distracted: Vietnam War, Anti-war and Civil Rights Movement, the coming assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, domestic riots, Chinese Cultural Revolution, the coming Sino-Soviet War, etc. { around those years 1966-1969 were the "salted fish" bloated cadavers coming from Red China and I was suffering from the so-called Hong Kong flu that had probably originated in Red China due to its massive human migrations for revolution without social distancing or proper sanitation between red guards, livestock and poultry } - one who hesitates is lost [ and the U.S. indeed was--unsurprisingly because its interests were global as opposed to Israel's regional and survival-oriented. ] Corollary: real men never hesitate but the wise ones choose to take the scenic route.) After having attained that, we can build the antimatter-beam-forming-and-steering generator for a sure kill as there's no matter-made defense possible against an antimatter beam. Then we can reduce collateral damage to zero with accurate targeting.

Hmm, so the urine hasn't dried up enough yet? Mom may still circumcise, though. "Don't trust any man's nose," but Mom sniffs and turns up her nose at { ¿fermented? 發酵腐 } tofu, { a.k.a. 臭豆腐, a repulsive/gourmet-to-many-"northerner"-Chinese delicacy } so airing without being noticed may be as necessary as doctoring, "Take two aspirins and call me at the office in the morning." Women were very discerning !

Israel probably found rendered Soviet-Union butt fat a gourmet delicacy because 發寇腐 should both sound and smell like a familiar refrain-in-English/dish to the older Jews once harbored and secretly fed by [then wartime Nationalist] Chinese and hidden them from the occupying Japanese Imperial Army allied with Hitler. Shanghai was a very rare "Empire Haven" vessel for the persecuted European Jews denied asylum by most other cities ( London: No, New York: No, ...) to hide from being persecuted, captured, imprisoned, and possibly exterminated by Nazi Germany. Christian God: "I cannot forget but I can forgive." Both Adam and Eve had to be cast out from Eden but in return for Abraham's offering his son for sacrifice, God provides.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Don(river) is under Russia's dam-steering. God's promise: those who don't yield to righteousness shall be burnt, whether it be Siberia or Californica. Blessed be the peacemakers.

In the beginning, freedom of choice was built right into the Garden of Eden at its center: planted there were the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The choice for Knowledge was made and eyes were opened.

WWII could have turned out in the other way with the Axis countries winning if a general strike had occurred to the logistical support for the Allied countries. Both Napoleon and Hitler couldn't conquer Moscow due to this. The U.S. won WWII because it had the production and seafaring heft to supply its frontline troops across the two largest oceans as well its allies, Great Britain and the U.S.S.R. The U.S.S.R. won WWII because it owned Siberia and had Yekaterinburg et al in Asia just beyond the Ural mountains ( as well as the U.S. Lend-Lease program ) to supply its western front with troops and munitions.

Any hierarchical power structure collapses if its base crumbles. It's not that we don't know how to collapse any of them. It's that we sometimes don't have a good plan for handling the aftermath after many innocent people have been hurt. Of course, autocrats want to use them as hostages to retain their power but they have no [live] way to get away from their people unless they get asylum elsewhere.

Russia has a rather nice menagerie city { near Moscow 《 guess at its direction from Moscow center,》 probably the most defended Russian city, < unlike a Siberian city "no one could've imagined that Hell on Earth could be so hot and this c o l d !" the U.S. has the hottest and Russia has the coldest place on Earth > which is important for the extension of security protection to the former-dictator refugees } for housing former dictators in security, comfort, and luxury. It has security details for hire and luxury stores to provide. It makes good money from the dictators' loots who usually have far more than anyone could reasonably spend or consume in one lifetime. Of course, they won't have grand palaces to live in or hundreds/thousands of beautiful women in their harem to fuck with but excluding the dictators from a few recently emerged cultures, this shouldn't be a setback. I think Russia still having its traditional principles, may prohibit overt harem, even for the land whales.

I doubt that Pootin doesn't have courtesans because of his being the sexy "I'm on top of the situation" man, so he may not persecute the head of a smallish harem in order to avoid being exposed as a hypocrite. People say that "size matters" but length was largely left unspoken--I suspect that length and height have positive correlation ( Henry Kissenger was also rather short but he understood realpolitik about wielding "the ultimate aphrodisiac" power, despite his length shortcoming ) but length beyond a custom limit makes no difference, due to hedonics.

The important question for every revolutionary or to-be revolutionary to ask is to what I pledge my allegiance. In the case of our [American] Founding Fathers, it was pledged to these thirteen colonies which were being blockaded by the British Navy. For George Washington who had fought on the British side ( all of these thirteen colonies were British at the time ) in the French Indian War and attacked then-French-Quebecois Quebec ( now the largest/most populous { mostly French-speaking } province of now Canada; the French Navy and a French Army contigent serving in the Continental Army made possible these thirteen American Colonies' independence from the British Empire, ) his allegiance was pledged to [American] soil, not [British] "blood." "We the People" meant "We the Americans" instead of "We the British."

Singapore shortly after having gained its independence from the British Empire had a security problem, its solution was to become a U.S. ally to avoid being attacked by its neighboring, much stronger, and populous Malaysia ( which also emerged from the British Empire.) The U.S. agreed, likely due to Singapore's strategic location ( during WWII, the British wouldn't and likely couldn't defend with maximal force lightly fortified Hong Kong from the invading Imperial Japanese Army but it had at least tried to make a stand at [supposedly] "Fortress" Singapore.) Singapore gained precious time under its defense alliance with the U.S. to work starting in the 1960s, upon its emergence from a third-world city to a first-world city-state ( the "Switzerland of Asia." ) Note the importance of its strategic location at one end of the Strait of Malacca and its leader's correct assessment that the U.S. wasn't just going to annex it as a colony.

The U.S. as the technological and commercial superpower, wants seafaring freedom and relative stability in the global common for commerce: military bases, yes; colonies, no. Fair trade is a major supporter of global peace and prosperity. If the U.S. were lusting after territorial expansion and colonies, it would have absorbed neighboring Canada a long time ago, perhaps like Red China conquering neighboring Tibet. There were indeed talks of "invading Canada" by the Founding Fathers in the early decades of the U.S. Experiment in Self-Governance without a King ( in fact, if one looks into the maw of the Beast called Wall Street, namely "the Garage" of the New York Stock Exchange, one doesn't see a king there but a collection of trading pits with much computing and display equipment; nowadays it has even far fewer traders operating it due to the shift to algorithmic trading done on backroom computers so "the Garage" has already been rendered largely obsolete; the people who trade govern the markets--governance requires neither king nor emperor, but human greed for profits under the rule of law ) but Canada was at that time a part of the British Empire and the troops from Canada selectively burnt Washington, D.C. The White House bore the burnt marks and the National Archive/Library of Congress was burnt down to the ground. It's why Thomas Jefferson donated his personal library to the U.S. to get its library going again. The U.S. didn't really gain its full independence from the British until after the War of 1812 ( which the U.S. fought over its seamen's right not to be captured and pressed into service in the British Navy to fight against the French { with Napoleon ruling then } who allied with the U.S. later in that war ) essentially ending in a draw between the U.S. and the British Empire ( but henceforth the U.S. had the sovereign power to stay neutral in armed conflicts.)

It's not necessarily a good thing for the U.S. to stay neutral ( good ) and aloof ( bad ) as the ending of World War I had shown: deeming it unjust with European racial discrimination against Asians, China despite being a WWI-winning belligerent as Imperial Japan was, refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles because China was forced to cede Shangdong German concession ( China liked Germans' building-railroad-brewing-beer modernization so German advisors trained and equipped Chinese troops { I suspect that Dad benefited from this relationship, besides the aura of the courageous fighting of German-trained Chinese troops' defense against Japanese advance from Shanghai to rape Nanking, } expected that it be returned to China, but the expectation was dashed ) to Japan after the European powers' shaming of Japan. ( It's the same condescending attitude/method which sought to placate Blacks by giving them via Affirmative Action the Ivy-League admission slots of the higher-achieving Asians because they were all just "Colored People" and White privileges would thereby be protected, although it was Whites who had benefited from systemic multigenerational discrimination against Blacks. ) The injustice of the WWI conflict settlement spawned the Communist Party of China ( in which muck of schmuck we're mired deeply worldwide now ) as well as the hitherto-European bloodbath going savage and global, reaching East/Southeast Asia and Pacific Ocean, due to the shamed Imperial Japan which dumped China's age-old teachings in favor of the Whiteman's "Might is right" philosophy and it could ! A newly emerged from medieval slumber nation, Imperial Japan had grown much muscle as was shown by its having defeated major European powers in WWI but it threw away the moral restraints ( which the Communist Party of China also did.) A decent world order demands U.S. engagement but we don't want to repeat the European-style ( e.g. between Imperial China and the British Empire, as Hong Kong's history shows ) injustice of the U.S. "black ships" under Admiral Perry's command in 1854 at Tokyo Bay forcibly opening up Shogunate Japan for trade.

Less conspicuous and more stealthy in combat, the modern cannons don't sound as bombastic ( "fizzle at the muzzle"--more like the rocket launchers without the booms ) as the centuries-old cannons but for Armageddon we can use a barrage of Minuteman III missiles' streaks instead to paint twilight's blue sky with the Star-Spangled Banner: blue for justice, white for truth, and red for courage.