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Forum Post: Where's the Beef America?

Posted 6 years ago on March 27, 2014, 4:48 p.m. EST by elf3 (4187)
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Maybe I just grew up in the 80's, when consumers still had some protections and corporations still had some competition, and products where still made on our shores designed to last, when the Ozone layer was front and center, everyone I went to school with were becoming marine biologists and forestry specialists with a mission to help the earth and make the world better, people were kind of getting integrated (people were all just people first) "we are the world" (maybe it was the wall coming down) but I swear there was hope that we were going to eradicate injustice around the world rather than use entire countries as slave nations making cheap products that are totally unregulated and made as cheaply as possible...Beef wasn't full of pink slime and formaldehyde and hormones, and customers and citizens weren't treated like low totem pole employees who were simply a calculation in a bottom line, what the hell has happened in America where consumers and employees and citizens - have stopped asking "Where is the Beef?"...now say wistfully - "hey I guess it could be worse!" Well then we've come a long way since the 80's - because when I open up that rotten burger or that stripped cable package, or recalled car that will spontaneously burst into flames or start my new job in the mine with no safety measures - those will be the first words out of my mouth ...because I'm sure that's what makes nations free and great and upwardly mobile !!! (it could be worse)- whaa whomp

  • can we please stop uttering this phrase "it could be worse?" Can we please start asking once again - "where is the beef?!!!!!" instead

Oh yes and when our media went from being "liberal left" actually filled with individuals with their own investigation and ideas to corporate controlled and owned pushing their own propaganda and agenda as a giant marketing machine of group think and control ...so we no longer heard such wild accusations as where is the beef - today we would hear something like:

Studies show smaller beef portions are actually more filling than larger beef portions and left-wing Obamic agenda responsible for wild accusations of less beef when in fact smaller beef is far better in comparison to larger beef portions prompting Americans to question why Americans don't take more individual responsibility to make certain their families' portions are more proportionate to the buns in comparison to the beef.



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