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Forum Post: Where did it start?

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 24, 2013, 7:37 p.m. EST by peacehurricane (293)
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What is it? Since the fine technology is such a vast place I will be using my own brain to make this point. Ideals begin as thinking and necessity carry them on into actualization or should I say they did. For each of these examples started out for goodness sake and some change occurred from then to what that good plan has become. Town Sheriff came to be needed to make sure citizens were not taken by some outlaw/s. More often than not he was a good shot and could defend not only himself but with quick mind all the people. The town assured that they and family were safe were at rest. When that did not work and someone got away with goods or people the Sheriff would get deputy help. Today we have a Sheriff that would come if danger presented itself and is probably the most able minded person for this position. When did it become beyond that law to enforcement getting paid a living not to defend or protect instead; paying them to kill an unarmed woman during traffic stop! And followed by some court actions that do nothing toward saying NO not with my money nor in my name in these United States. Our representatives are just that where did it change from a citizens voice being put to the place where torture is happening because that representative is making such big money to allow it and that same person has received the honor of being charged with all the voice of his district, though this is not the intent of those people at all and yet they pay for it. Social Security is just that meant to provide "Security" though a good indication of time things went astray. Federal Reserve was done as soon as the negative balance occurred that is self explanatory. In this local area I can say when it became obvious that something besides the peoples well being was happening. The sewer treatment plant moved from out of town area. Yes they have actually relocated the waste water and built big new place so it can be right on the river! Hello to the shit first hand, we will pump it right into the fresh water and everyone can ponder why the fish are dying off. AS if that is not enough we will take your tax dollars and pay them to someone throwing them away to deliver them concrete/metals and more straight into the fresh water it will assist for taxpayers to ponder why all the fish are dying. Yet the taxpayers are not yet giving enough of their money because it will never be enough to do these act in the name of these United States. Freedom is free and so am I. What I do know is that define America shall not be under this flag torture and killing so help me God in which WE do trust to make as it is across time and space. Godspeed the fast track... ALL ONE in Peace and Love Amen.



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