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Forum Post: Where did everybody go

Posted 4 years ago on Nov. 21, 2017, 3:02 a.m. EST by BrentWeirick81 (-87)
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There is no content here. Where is Girl Friday and Puff Daddy 6962?



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[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 4 years ago

the blog has degenerated. too many personal attacks that question loyalty with endless bullshit about what might have been in 2016 and too little discussion about what positive action can be taken or how genpop may be enlightened.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8306) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

this could have been an awesome forum if the Green Party political hacks had not invaded and ran off anyone doing serious discussion, there were many but they weren't "banned" the Green Party hacks were, like Shadz66, but they came back under many names, the serious people just gave up and left

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8306) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

the blog degenerated long before 2016

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 4 years ago

The site isn't functioning well and or is filled with hackers...lose posts and wacky screen issues...too frustrating Probably Russian aka Trumperference

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 4 years ago

good question

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Most probably went to work in this low-inflation high-productivity-growth very-low-unemployment economy. 4% unemployment rate is generally considered full employment (for the U.S. due to the rather mobile [relative to the EU or Japan, for example] workforce). The U.S. is just a tiny bit above that historical figure.

After the 2007 punctuated Crash, the Federal Reserve Board had initially said that they would change the stimulative economic policies if unemployment rate came down to 6.5%. We have been below that rate for a number of years already.

I think that some people are trying very hard to derail the rather smoothly running economy right now for their personal gains. Without Chaos, there is No Opportunity. A Great Chinese business advice is: 混水摸鱼 (Húnshuǐmōyú) - Murky waters harbor Big fishes for catching.

[-] -1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-87) 4 years ago

Whatever happened to Jflynn64? Was he banned.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 4 years ago

hard to remember who was banned and who did what to whom. all too bad - it used to be a fun site even though some tried to make a mess of things. and still do seems to me!

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

My hypothesis is that around the time of the Charlie Hebdo attack near Paris, the moderator(s) became scared of splashback from the brutal reactions to free speech online, closed this forum to any new users, and clamped down hard. This is why all of the tyrants of the world infringing on human rights MUST be toppled to make the world safe for the basic human right of freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of ideas.

Most countries signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but some have strayed so let human blood sanctify the World, as stipulated by the Supreme Fascist (who is revered by billions of people of the major monotheistic religions).

This is the New Manifest Destiny. All great countries were reborn through revolutions. China had the Chinese Revolution. Russia had the Russian Revolution. France had the French Revolution which was the (very bloody!) handmaiden of the modern world.

[-] -1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-87) 4 years ago

You are citing the Chinese and Russian revolutions as exemplary benchmarks?

[-] 1 points by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 4 years ago

I think they said something that pissed a moderator, and so were locked out. Hard to know, but not open forum. Life support forum.

[-] -1 points by factsrfun (8306) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

Leading up to the past elections any that suggested people should vote for the Democrat in order to keep the GOP from winning were ran off the site.

The Greens co-opted OWS and a lot of people left.