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Forum Post: Where are your nominated list of demands being cataloged?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 6, 2011, 7:18 p.m. EST by agrajag (12) from Denver, CO
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Hi, Its getting hard in the forums to follow discussion around what your working committees are coming to agreement on as far as demands.

There was a very detailed list of demands that I can no longer find in the forum history that listed specific legislative demands etc.

IMHO if this site could have specific top level links to where these are being cataloged and ratified, the movement will be stronger.

A coherent list of "goals of the movement" which many of the "demands" lists are looking like, vs tactical "demands" lists that can be acted on quickly with specific actions.

Is there a running list of what has been nominated/agreed upon so far? Am I just horribly missing how/where this is being kept track of?



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[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

organization epic fails. 1-1001..

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

off site...

[-] 1 points by n8ppq (3) 12 years ago

I want to support a grass-roots movement for real change.

I see the loss of the news media to big-money as our #1 problem.

We need accountability. For example, another 9/11 investigation is pointless if the responsible criminals are free to thumb their noses at justice. But justice and even democracy is impossible without a free news media.

I hope the working groups who are crafting a list of goals for this promising movement perceive the HUGE imporatnce of breaking up the news media monopolies.

[-] 1 points by MyHeartSpits (448) 12 years ago

If you're just talking about the list that's being discussed on this site, I think that is here:


Not sure what the affiliation is to the actual movement on the ground, though.