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Forum Post: Republicans: Their war on women continues...

Posted 8 years ago on March 1, 2012, 8:16 a.m. EST by groobiecat2 (746) from Brattleboro, VT
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hands down. This excellent post from Bob Cesca sums is up quite well:

The He-Man Woman Haters Club

During a month when the abortion and contraception debate peaked -- again -- you would've thought the Sunday political shows would feature a larger than usual roster of female panelists, strategists and experts.

Not a chance.

There were a total of four female guests during the entire month of February. This bears repeating. Out of 56 guests on the Sunday shows, only four were women. Four.

This statistic probably reminds you of Republican Rep. Darrell Issa's contraception hearing two weeks ago in which his panel of witnesses was composed entirely of men who were summoned to discuss health care for, you know, women. In fact, on the following Sunday's edition of Meet the Press, the all-male Issa hearing was discussed at length by David Gregory, Paul Ryan and Chris Van Hollen, who we can assume are each biologically male. Smart booking choices.

Sadly, the men's locker room on Sunday morning is a virtual bridal shower when compared to the increasingly aggressive He-Man Woman Hater's Club known as the Republican Party.

We begin with the voice of the party, Rush Limbaugh. The "Spanky" of the club.

Yes, I get it. We shouldn't pay attention to Limbaugh because he's a clown. He's nothing more than an over-drugged over-paid disc jockey who's performing a loud-mouthed Morton Downey, Jr. routine for the much coveted paleoconservative "market segment," as David Frum called it. All of this is true, but we can't ignore the fact that he controls the radio with more than 15 million weekly listeners. So whenever he says something awful on our public air, it has a significant impact. For example:

"Why is contraception so important that it must be paid for by somebody else?" he demanded to know. He asked why contraceptives are "a must-have" in comparison to toothpaste, hotel rooms or a car. "Why are so many people afraid of birth?" I wonder if it was the use of toothpaste to prevent pregnancies or if it was his alleged inability to achieve an erection that prevented him from having children during any of his three marriages. Speaking of which, I wonder if his health insurance plan paid for the Viagra he was allegedly trying to smuggle into the Dominican Republic several years ago. While we're here, I wonder why he needed ED drugs in the Dominican Republic in the first place without any female partners with him on the trip. And if he was indeed planning to have anonymous sex (just guessing) in the Dominican Republic, I wonder whether he considered contraception to be "so important" during that potentially dangerous activity.

OK, I'm grossing myself out now. Moving on.

Over the last two days, Limbaugh reminded us in no uncertain terms of his legendary hatred of women. Since his show began in the late 1980s, he's profited from attacking women and women's issues practically every day. The term "Feminazis" only skims the surface of Limbaugh's misogyny. Lately, he's highlighted his professional class and morality by teasing and mocking the Obama girls. And here's what he said this week about NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, who dared to express her support for the president's contraception law:

"She was talking, Danica Patrick was talking about Obama's contraception ruling. She was not speaking in general though it applies generally... She said, "I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for America." ... What do you expect from a woman driver?" That's not all. Last week, Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke spoke to an informal gathering of congressional Democrats about the Jesuit college's refusal to cover birth control as part of its health insurance plan. Fluke told lawmakers that contraception can cost a law student up to $3,000 and a classmate recently lost an ovary because she couldn't afford the contraception drug that would've prevented the reoccurance of ovarian cysts. (How many "potential lives" were lost when that ovary, and its lifetime supply of unfertilized eggs, was removed?)

Here's what Limbaugh had to say about Fluke's testimony.

"What does it say about the college coed Susan [sic] Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We're the pimps."

Source: http://bobcesca.com/blog-archives/2012/03/the-he-man-woman-haters-club-2.htmll



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[-] 1 points by FreeDiscussion5 (12) 8 years ago

Promoting man/woman sex contraceptives seems contradictive to YOUR same sex marriage agenda. I would guess next month the big topic for liberals would be to include "strap-on's" as a paid insurance benefit. You just wait,,, it will happen. Every day there is yet another strange liberal agenda thing to bring down America.

[-] 1 points by FreeDiscussion5 (12) 8 years ago

Why does EVERYTHING come down to MY money and not YOUR money? When you get car insurance it comes with some responsibility. You drive too fast and get a ticket, they raise or revolk your insurance. If you have an accident, they may raise or revolk your insurance.

Here is my plan. If YOU,,, MUST,,,, force ME to pay for your sex actions then there must be some responsibility on your part. Just like an car accident, if you take the birth control and get pregnant,,, then YOU must pay for your own ABORTION if that is what you want. I dont want to pay for the SLUTS having driving accidents in bed. There you go. Have some responsibility on MY DIME.

[-] 1 points by 1sealyon (434) 8 years ago

Could it be that that Limbaugh is just opposed to national health care in general and is using this one issue to chip away at it?

Bringing a Law Student from Georgetown to testify about being too poor to buy birth control was probably an ill-conceived (no pun intended) strategy. This person is on-track for a six-figure salary and she is asking the 99% to pay for her life-style choices?

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23285) 8 years ago

The men who are against healthcare coverage for women's contraception are the same men who would shirk their child support duties.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

pfffttt. Limbaugh is the prostitute.


[-] 0 points by TheRapist (36) 8 years ago

I believe children should be killed up to six years after birth... just in case mothers find them inconvenient.

[-] 0 points by Carlitini99 (-167) 8 years ago

have you heard Fluke she is the dumbest person i've ever heard. Oh the poor Georgetown University employees don't get free contraception. OMG, go to Plan Parenthood, what did you expect from a religious institution, Fluke.

[-] 0 points by JuanFenito (847) 8 years ago

It is actually good for us that more men were included, because more women than men say abortion should be illegal in all cases. Women have been so guilt-showered in their lives over this issue, it's probably better for public opinion as far as abortion goes.