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Forum Post: what will happen?

Posted 7 years ago on Dec. 13, 2014, 10:38 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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When the only food you can buy is rotting on the shelf, or is not even food but a food like substance that clogs your arteries and stops your heart in ten years.

When a credit card chip with gps is implanted in the hospital at birth.

When medical care consists only of trying you out on different pills and reducing your symptoms instead of curing the disease.

When the garbage pile gets so big in the ocean it starts washing back up on the shore.

When you work not for wages but a corporate living compartment and a portion of their toiletries. Plus a food stipend. And can only make money through illicit means such as prostitution or massaging rich people's feet on your night job.

When education is deemed a luxury only for those on top of the system since service labor doesnt really require knowledge and only rich people can get any thing higher.

I could go on and on...bottom line: How far away from this are we? Is it happening now?



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[-] 3 points by SerfingUSA (451) 7 years ago

Most of those things are probably in development/implementation. Throughout history, the very rich needed a large population under them. That provided them with large armies at the ready to defend their wealth and land. With drones and military robots evolving, there will come a day when machines will provide a better defense. Once the rich no longer need the 99% for protection, look out 99%!

Another thing that's coming is trans-humanism. Where technology is integrated into biological humans. Only the richest will be able to afford the best advanced technology. Someday super rich transhumanists will be the top of the food chain. Normal humans will be a vile subspecies in their eyes. The 1%'s disposition of entitlement will turn into disdain. The Koch brothers are bad now, imagine if they were of the few who could afford technology giving them super human abilities. Imagine the Koch brothers with a 400 IQ, who needed only 3 hours of sleep a day and had super high energy levels. When that happens, things are not going to be pretty for the 99%.

[-] 1 points by donOld (134) 7 years ago

so what are YOU prepared to do about it?

There are so many "chicken-littles" out there screaming "the sky is falling... buy my book!" but most of them never offer a solution that gets to the roots of the problem. Once you know what's going on, there is absolutely no point in continuing to dissect the latest feces of capitalism. It just makes you feel shitty and is totally DIS-empowering.

Spend your time instead thinking for yourself and spreading the word about positive solutions. We don't need the "experts" or the state to save us. We need honest, common sense solutions that average people can understand. Average, honest people will save mankind, not the crooked political elite. From the very inception of this country, they have used the words and values we cherish most to weave the rope that hangs us.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 7 years ago

Currently too many average people are allowing the political elite to do whatever they please...it is the lack of attention and recognition of a problem or that it is too overwhelming so they pull down a curtain and block it out. The pen is mightier than lighting a building on fire. People like you seek to diminish the cause by using carefully placed propaganda phrases such as " the sky is falling"...I'm not a writer btw...I'm an honest average jane seeking to shine a light on the problem...because I happen to have the stamina for dealing with it despite that it is not that fun to think about and a bummer to the positivity police of society who seek to subdue any revolution or change to the status quo because they have it better than most of us or prefer to remain oblivious to the sorrows and difficulties of those around them or prefer to remain in denial that their lives aren't being lived as fully as they could be. Politicians love to tout common sense...so do monopolies because they want to maintain their control touting themselves as the straight- men which means those who dissent must not be or lack common sense ( what it really means and " everybody knows" is it is not common sense we lack ...but the ability or power to change it or so we've been taught to believe (though we can enough people get angry enough at the same time and decide to express their outrage refusing to tolerate it anymore)...politicians love catch phrases and words. My freedom to speak back on a public forum actually feels quite empowering. Ideas spread quickly...when we become aware of those ideas we become more attentive and the paradigm shifts begins where slowly changes to behavior or things we will tolerate also begin to shift. I want people angry...i hope I'm adding a little fuel to the cinders. I don't care if it bums them out. Ignorance is bliss ...until you realize you are living in the dark blindfolded and can no longer see or hear and have to rely on others and trust blindly in what they tell you. The truth is always there though...people can deny the feeling of injustice only for so long and then the bubble begins to break down and pop. Words of dissent are pins. And every little pin out there counts. Keep stabbing. It matters. We are weaving the rope...to change it. There is power in numbers...spread your anger express it with words. Words have power. The sky is falling ( our democracy is failing). When enough people begin to question reality...it becomes pretty hard to deny reality. The sun (democracy) was there all along hiding behind a dark shadow of ignorance and corporate subterfuge and government collusion.

[-] 1 points by donOld (134) 7 years ago

I totally agree with what you say. Getting new people to see the truth is essential to build the movement for change. Anger is the natural response when you discover the truth. But anger alone is not enough. We also need to be able to provide a positive alternative plan/vision of a better way of life. The power of that anger could then be redirected into positive action that builds the movement and moves us forward towards our goals. Without a solution, the problem will remain "too overwhelming" and most people will continue to "pull down a curtain and block it out".

Once your eyes have been opened, and your natural anger vented, if you only continue to ingest new poisons, nothing will change. You will waste all of your energy on anger and the current system will have won. This is what I think happened to the momentum of the Occupy movement. With no better vision in sight, a lot of people simply got tired of being angry and pulled down the curtain again.

[-] 0 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 7 years ago

When a credit card chip with gps is implanted in the hospital at birth.

that's called health insurance