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Forum Post: What OWS Wants Will Bring Untold Corruption to the USA

Posted 6 years ago on March 10, 2012, 8:56 p.m. EST by Frank (19) from Washington, DC
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We already have a fairly corrupt system with politicians buying votes, doling out money to interest groups and corporations lobbying congress for preferential treatment.

What makes all this possible? Redistribution of income. Once you give government the power to allocate funds outside of those strictly required to maintain freedom (military, police, judicial system, etc.) you create a monster.

Everyone bands together to fight for a piece of the redistribution pie, whether it be corporations (bank bailouts, Solyndra, etc.), unions (teachers, SEIU, etc.), or other special interest groups (NRA, NOW, AARP, etc.). The politicians spend not according to reason but to benefit their home state (at other states expense), buy votes, and help friends in high places.

We have over a 100 years of ever growing regulations that haven't solved a thing. The Fed inherited a country with zero inflation since 1776 and in quick order devalued our money to 1/25 of what it was worth in 1913.

Bank scandals continue unabated, and we provide safety nets for them.

And this all going to change? How? Oh yeah, more regulations, no wait...better regulations. I watched this happen over 4 decades, and every single time the gullible voters nod and cheer "we got it right this time!". Praise is showered on every well intended legislator that comes up with a fool proof plan.

Americans have very short memories. Did the cash for clunkers program work? Nope. If you are worried about "too big to fail" did Dodd Frank fix it? Nope.

In the meantime right under the nose of most Americans the US and European governments are injecting massive amounts of borrowed money into the world economy.

When inflation hits I'm sure "greedy merchants" will be to blame, as always.



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[-] 0 points by JesusDemocrat (193) 6 years ago

I agree except the qualifier "fairly" when describing the level of corruption.

It is absolutely corrupt.