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Forum Post: What next? Start by fixing the underlying, broader problem first

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 22, 2011, 5:53 p.m. EST by OccupyDecisions (0)
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I am part of a small group that have been working, on and off, for about two years on the underlying, broader problem.

The underlying, broader problem, I believe, is not so much the bankers, corporate greed, politicians, the NWO or any of the usual suspects; it is more fundamental and represents the next phase in societal organisation.

In short, we have reached the point where the 1% - whether elected or unelected, making decisions on behalf of the 99% no longer works (if it ever did, except for those with the power to make or influence decisions.)

My premise is that the only practical and sustainable solution to the various crises (including the global financial crisis) is to restore confidence in the political, economic and social system by broadening the decision-making process.

We now have the technology to do just that beyond the ideas of direct democracy.

For more info please visit. http://tinyurl.com/762zd5d

(Please note: This is a commercial venture so if you have some philosophical objective to the profit motive then please ignore. While alternatives to the profit motive are emerging such as social enterprise but these are not yet sufficiently developed to be of any real use. We have to use the tools we have.)



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[-] -1 points by JohnMarsden (47) 12 years ago

The underlying problem is people need to stop whining and get a job. YES That includes getting a job that isn't blogging.